Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just(is) Info

Well another awesome wedding is done and it was dustbowl of sorts. Bogus Basin in Idaho is unique in that you can get some really cool pics but given the dry conditions, dust was a flyin! Regardless, Ryan & Brady put on a great show and their pictures are gorgeous. Funny how when you climb 6500ft for wedding pics how different the clouds

began to look. Brady herself was gorgeous and plenty good enough for the lens without the clouds! Enjoy the examples and feel free to comment even if you are not feeling the pics.
Well next week I am off to Northern Idaho in what should be a gorgeous ceremony for Nicole and J.R. The wedding is taking part right on the Payette River and that has me dying to get the bride in the water. Anyone who has ideas on how to do this without ruining the dress and pissing off the M.O.B. (Mother of the Bride) please email with suggestions (yeah right).
The Saints start training camp this week! YEAHHHHHHHHH..We are so Super Bowl Bound!
Drinks for all my friends,

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Taxes & Weddings

Well this weekend should be a grand event. Ryan & Brady look to tie the know high atop Bogus Basin Ski Resort. Hopefully, the sun will be gorgeous and those silhouette shots will be rocking! Funny how all of the PhotoShop in the world can't touch the natural and various lights our sun provides. Ok I will stop acting like Gandhi here.

As for the homeowners in Ada County I am every bit as angry as you are that your property taxes keep flying through the roof. Who in the hell comes up with these stupid numbers anyway? With all of the developers licking their chops to get something built, you would think that those costs would be passed on to them! Well, wouldn't surprise me if a few down at the county weren't getting a little kickback themselves for letting these idiots plow through the beauty of Boise while increasing your property taxes. Kinda sucks paying taxes on capital gains not even realized until you sell your home! So live in it for 10 years and let the county get 30K out of ya!

Took my kiddo out to dinner at Old Chicago the other night and ran into a group of activists from
Great group of folks I might add who thought they might take a few out of their day to say to the world just how stupid the war in Iraq has become. Hmmm, I could not agree with them more. Love those vets (especially the airborne ones) but hate this blurred war we are stuck in.

See ya on the 2010 ballot…..Yeah Right…

Drinks for all my friends,