Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Courtney Time


What a slamming start to the busiest time of the year for me. Individual sessions seem to be back in vogue and I welcome the challenge. I have been waiting for the opportunity to do a session on the sand dunes just past Mountain Home and come May 2nd that is where I will be. Of course, I will post some pics for ya and let’s hope for a pink sunset…..
Man somebody forgot to tell me that the more equipment you own, the more luggage you have to carry around! Perhaps it is time for me to shed some of the weight because it has become maddening. I figure I am going to need the road crew from Metallica to help me lug all this stuff around. The thing is, I bore easily and need new tools at my disposal so that I am better able to try new things. I will admit that some things have worked better than others. Perhaps I will just have a photographer garage sale of sorts this fall. The one thing you won’t see me giving up is the 30x40 light panels from Interfit. If you’re a shooter try em! I promise you that light will never look the same again and they are quite simple to set up however I encourage you to buy a sandbag or two (They catch more wind than a sailboat!). Enough of my rambling, let us begin the 2010 wedding season and I hope to see your shining faces in the warm sun.

Sun Tans For All My Friends,