Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Train Station Lovers


In my second installment of 2009 engagement pictures I had the pleasure of heading out to Caldwell to shoot Nick and Brandi. For those of you that don’t know, Caldwell contains some very rustic places to do pictures so get your tail right on it already! Without hesitation I deemed the Train Depot to be the best spot and as it turns out, we even found a prop or two to use during our time together. Engagement shoots are really my chance to evaluate how I need to shoot (Not with a gun either) you on your wedding day. For example some people (usually the men) are not as anxious to get their pictures taken. The interaction and conversation is everything and if one can master that, people generally start to loosen up after a few minutes. I digress, Nick and Brandi were loads of fun and if last Saturday is any indication, the wedding is sure to be a hell raiser! Enjoy a few pics from the session and lastly, thank you Nick and Brandi for rocking out with me.

Broken T.V.’s for All My Friends,


Monday, March 16, 2009

Warm Season

Hello All,

For all the small favors in this world the one that puts a supreme smile on my face is the onset of warmer weather. Going out and taking pictures in the cold is always a feasible task but my tolerance only goes so far thus, I am not as prone to toughing it out. Saturday marked the first time this year that I was able to comfortably work outdoors with little worry of my hands becoming unbearably numb! Jamie & her fiancé Tyler were kind enough to meet me downtown for a quick engagement session and I find them both to not only be great in front of the camera but too cool for school as well. Despite feeling the effects of a nagging flu bug, we pulled off some great shots and I am happy knowing that the season for people pictures has arrived.

I recently purchased a lens capable of magnifying life’s little things. For you photographers out there you may know it as a “Macro” lens. I have found that investing in a lens of this caliber doesn’t mean you can simply place the lens on the camera and begin taking pictures of said tiny things. The art of Macro required me to do some serious review on how depth of field is affected when it comes to shooting things magnified many times over. I anticipate some frustration along with a little satisfaction once I master what this type of photography has to offer. In the meantime, enjoy some of my first “Macro” shots.

Nano-Sized Drinks for All My Friends,


Monday, March 2, 2009

A Campaign For All

Sometimes one must put the perspective of business aside for things that affect the very fabric of life. Saturday marked an important public awareness campaign that I had the chance to help out with while making some new friends. After being referred by a friend, I met the group organizer, Duane Quintana at one of my favorite spots to do a photo shoot that was simple in setup yet forceful in its message. Getting the point across required no more than a little bit of duct tape and some off-camera lighting on my part. The models who volunteered their time were total troopers as we spent the better part of an hour working on our craft while the slight chill that left us shivering did it’s best to drown our spirits. In case you are wondering, the duct tape represents our refusal as a society to openly discuss the issue of HIV and given that Idaho is such a rural state that point rings louder than war. I want to thank everyone who participated and for Duane’s commitment to driving home the issue to those who simply have failed to pay closer attention to a cause that needs to be at the doorstep of every American. Talk to your kids, your friends, and anybody else who will listen because unfortunately this problem is as pervasive as the air we breathe.
Awareness For All My Friends,