Monday, December 3, 2007

Salty City my last wedding

Well as promised I posted a picture from my good friend Shan’s Salt Lake City wedding. The pond in front of the temple is simply amazing and if you are ever given a chance to see Temple Square, DO IT! Salty City is nothing short of cool though I didn’t realize just how much smog covers that place. Had a strange experience to say the least the night before the wedding. The bride had gotten me a room at Hotel Monaco and since we had some extra time, I had the bride come down to the lobby (which was gorgeous) to do some pre-formal shots. Shortly after we began, good ole Tommy Lee (From Motley Crew) comes walking in. We were all caught off guard but I did manage to say “what up” to one of Rock N Rolls true bad boys. Anyway, that wedding wrapped up what has been an awesome year in weddings and in saying that, I want to thank everyone who had me photograph their wedding it was a true pleasure. I want to point out that this last wedding for 07 just happened to be a close and dear friend of mine. She was the first real friend I made upon my arrival in Boise from Big Sky Country and it has been no small pleasure having her in my life. Some of the funniest moments in both my personal and professional life have been shared by her and there isn't a day that goes by I am not grateful for her friendship. She married an awesome guy who is well on his way to accomplishing much in his life and would give the shirt off his back while he was at it. With that, I wish them both the best and look forward to seeing their shining faces in front of the lens down the road.

2007’s best wedding pics will be posted in my Pics of the Week gallery in late December for sure so be looking. Till then, enjoy the holiday season I will see ya in 2008!

This was the view from my room :)

Thank you Shey and Darrah for ALL OF YOUR TIME AND HELP, Much Love!

Drinks for all my friends,