Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jared & Ana

So as promised I have a couple of shots from last Friday’s wedding. By all means post some thoughts whether good or bad I wanna hear it! Jared & Ana were lots of fun to work with and sometimes simple is better. I want to personally thank both of their families for their hospitality & I must also note that Ana’s parents flew all the way from Brazil! Talk about making the trip………………..


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On the Road Again

To my small but loyal reading base,

Sorry it has been a bit since I last blogged I am a slacker! Been working like a dog and of course, shooting weddings and taking road trips. Just got back from a road trip into Oregon with some pals out in Vale. Never before had I taken a ride in an RV laced with fun and of course, a few cold ones. All of this came to be after I left a wedding I shot on top of C.W. Moore Plaza on Friday (Pics coming soon) and it was nothing short of awesome. I will save my thank you’s aimed at Jared and Anna for later. We started early on Saturday morning drove to Sumpter where they had one of the largest flea markets known to the human race! Simply amazing and by the time day one was done I had consumed a few too many cold ones and had to let myself fall asleep. Day 2 brought much of the same except we ended up in some old western town that provided me the chance to take some High Dynamic Range pictures that I am pretty damn happy with! I am feeling pretty amped to do another wedding this weekend and my next stop brings me to Boise’s own “Powerhouse” which is a pretty cool place to shoot a wedding. For all of you brides out there looking for a Fall photographer come and see me the summer is NOT the only time to get married you hear? I am pleased to say that I finally joined Professional Photographers of America and for the record, the resource library is second to none when it comes to knowledge based photography. I am looking forward to the many benefits they offer not to mention a chance to meet some really talented folks! More to come VERY soon I promise…

What I think and what you should know

As my political brother pointed out, supply & demand is not the problem with gas prices cause if it were, we would all be waiting in line at the pump.

Oregon is one of the greenest states I have ever set foot in.

Idaho is in for a hot summer.

Weddings on top of buildings is a super cool idea.

The wedding business is more about marketing and $$ and less about the art and fun of photography which I find a tad sad.

Pam and Don are one fun couple to go on a road trip with let me tell ya!

Drinks and Snapshots for all my Friends,


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We're Getting Warmer

Engagements and more fun stuff my peeps! No I won’t bore you with how elegant the engagement sessions were or use pretentious terms rather, I will only say they were fun and I am glad I got it done! Why I say this is because to me the engagement session is more of a social between me and the subject(s) and a means to break in what I will be doing on their wedding day. Of course I want them to represent the couples love for one another (there I said it) but it really gives me the chance to see how a couple will react come wedding day when they have a Nikon lens fixed upon them thus I really keep it informal. Sometimes I never even meet the groom until the engagement shoot and by then I have already developed chemistry with the bride and I think this throws some of you boys off a little. Perhaps they find it odd that I have associated with their brides more than most men are ever allowed though in the end, they have ZERO worries. So on that note if you can boys, try and attend the initial meeting it helps break the ice a tad.

The “People” project is coming along super cool (see example) and I will be selling these as books in the future if you want something different to put on the coffee table. I am sure it will have a few people laughing when they open it. Helped a friend out by shooting some prom pictures for his nephew and luckily for me I found a new location in Boise to shoot that is a tad on the edgy side. Lets just say that the industrial age left this photographer a relic of sorts….

Drinks for All My Friends,