Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Website Coming Soon many thanks to "The WhiteSpace"


Gearing up for a new website is more work than I ever could have dreamed. I find that spending time in front of the computer editing the text and placing the pictures grows old in a hurry! Are you tired of hearing me complain enough? Well the good news is that Justis Photo as you know it on the web is changing for the better in the near future. Easier navigation, simple design, etc. will be the rule not the exception. I am really excited about the portfolio galleries that are so in your face it is almost impossible to miss them. In the past you had to click a link to get them to open whereas in some cases, clients may have missed them altogether. No more I say!
Attended the local wedding shows and met some really great people and potential future clients. I really love meeting and speaking with the masses especially when we are talking pictures and what goes into making them. The wedding season can’t get here fast enough and this year looks to be a vagabond year of sorts. With gigs that require some travel I am going to earn my miles while lugging tons of gear in the process.
When I hear people say that this country is doomed and that people will never spend money again I cringe not with fear but with disgust. Why must we think so negative? Thinking and knowing are two different things and I am here to tell ya that I know we will ALL make it one person at a time. Training ourselves to choose not to think all is lost is only the first step but a vital one. Yes change is inevitable for all industries but from that change we find our own innovations and create new paths. I know this from my own personal story (I won’t bore you with it) but KNOWING from firsthand experience we will all still smile, still laugh, and still cry regardless of our financial dispositions. So if you want to jump into the reality boat I say come aboard you are all welcome. Money is material and to be human is life lifting. Now tell me which one of those inspires you more?
Been taking some pics on random occasions and like every winter, the weird just keep getting weirder in terms of pics. I will admit, I am running out of places to get pics and I need to stretch my boundaries a tad. Until then, keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel……..
The New Orleans Saints should be Super Bowl bound the next time I write or at least they better be. Hail the city of New Orleans and the fortitude of a tragic yet entertaining franchise woven in the fabric of the population it depends on.
Fleur De Lis For All My Friends,

I learned this week that photographers are in fact better picture takers than writers. Lordy some of the blogs I read were laced in scribble that a 2 year old could make sound more eloquent. Did we forget to teach people that “i” is capitalized when refereeing to one’s self in a sentence?