Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All Of Me To You

Dear Cell Mates,
Last weekend marked one of my final weddings of the year. Charles and Ali were married at St. John’s Cathedral here in Boise and what a gorgeous church it is! I want to personally say thank you to the both of them for the opportunity and that they are awesome to work with.

Given the state of the economy I have had several conversations about the pricing structure several photographers use and if it will remain viable during these times. I say and I stress this with the utmost importance that each and every photographer needs to stay true to themselves as much as they can. In the Boise market most of us are charging way below what most markets are already charging so in turn, the prices I have seen are pretty darn good not to mention Boise has access to some excellent photographers. So let’s break this down a little more shall we?

Let’s say you book me taking package #2 at $1450
I am with you for about 6.5 hours
Post production and consultations come out to another 7 hours
Subtract Cost of Goods Sold in the Package to about $140
Your total cost per hour is $97

That is a steal no doubt and if you look at similar packages I am willing to bet the hourly rate comes out about the same. In the end, you get great stuff for one excellent rate. This doesn’t even factor the fact that most photographers provide you the digital negatives for free ($600) value or the cost of insurance, fuel, professional memberships, equipment, etc. . Just some numbers for you to ponder the next time you look at photography from a pricing standpoint.

I have loved every minute with every subject I have worked with in 2008 & I really am grateful for the chance to raise the bar with all of you on board. For my newlyweds, I want to wish all of you the best as you embark on your journey with your new partners. Thank you Tiffany Quillici for putting my stuff on billboards all over town what a flattering feeling for sure.

Random Things

Most of this economic stuff is driven by fear. There won’t be breadlines anytime soon but if there is, I will be the one bringing beer and pizza.

The New Orleans Saints are beginning to drive me insane!

Change is coming America, brace yourself!

Scott Evans (Atlanta Based Photographer) is bar none the example of doing things your own way & the right way that all photographers should aspire to.

I encourage the world to keep buying the things they want, just make sure you use cash every chance you get. Your standard of living goes as the state of the community business environment goes so don’t let the fear of the year ruin your desires.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my man in the sand Devon Justis. Ten years of joy you have brought all of us buddy. Love you with all I got! Enjoy your presents just make sure the helmet is on at all times when skateboarding! That is a direct order from your Dad.

Saints Victory Parties for All My Friends,


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Frozen River


Wanna see one hell of a movie? Go see "Frozen River" at the flicks. I especially think all single moms should see this movie. Trust me, it will have you locked in! What was even cooler was that on the showing I went to, the stars of the movie (Melissa Leo & Misty Upham) were on hand to take questions after the film ended. Talk about a surreal experience.....These are not your run of the mill actors either, currently Melissa Leo is filming a movie in my hometown of New Orleans with none other than James Gandolfini (The Soprano's). Now that I am spoiled I will expect Clooney and every other big star to be on hand after every movie I attend. Lastly, Edwards sucks! The real place for movies bar none is the Flicks! Where else can you enjoy a beer and see true acting unspoiled by Hollywood theatrics?

Ok so brace yourself Boise the cold weather is here but for now, enjoy this vintage picture of your favorite dork from his Army days.

Snow for All My Friends,


P.S. I have read a million blogs via the net and some just absolutely leave me dumbfounded....The things we write about huh? Ok I will include myself in that category but regardless........Lastly, why do some people put music on their websites? Do any of us listen to it? Does it matter? That one always makes me curious cause I have heard many say that is a big turn off.