Monday, September 21, 2009

Catching Up

Friends of Fall,
It has been one wedding after another and yet still, I find myself hungry for more. From covering my pal’s Shane and Stacy’s wedding on the first weekend of September to getting up the next day to cover Will & Laeitia’s event I would say life is moving fast. I love it when I get into a groove while finding myself dealing with schedules that are behind and the dreaded faulty equipment. Yes, even the best equipment fails from time to time but somehow I keep beating Murphy to a pulp and it has me more than fired up! The consequence of this madness is the eternal time spent in front of a computer doing edits and designing books. That my friends are what you are really paying for when you hire a photographer. Enjoy the pics from the various parades of couples who make my camera eye light up! It is in the moments of completion when I know I have gotten exactly what I set out to get that I feel the satisfaction of the portfolio. Nobody has any idea how hard photographers are on their work (At least they should be if they care) and when we are happy it equates to the client being happy. Thank you Brian, Megan. Shane, Stacy, Will, Laeitia, Jessie, and Stephanie for the fun and the time well spent. With all the debate over healthcare I will not waste your time with my two cents, five cents, or fifty cents. Instead, I will simply draw an imaginary space for you the reader to place what you think is the right course for the country. Seems everyone has a solution so I just wanted to give that “Think Tank” it’s due.
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Good Health To All My Friends,


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jim & Danielle

Comrades of Fall,
Wow what a roller coaster ride it has been of late. Lots of shooting and trying like crazy to keep up in life has made me weary yet excited. Somewhere in all of this madness I have been working with some new vendors who I anticipate, will provide me with some super cool products for 2010. My feeling is, why keep everything the same? So on that note, next years packages will contain something new and different but where I find a balance of cost versus viability is where I am lost in debate. Oh well, guess I have some more time to figure that one out but stay tuned and check the “Wedding Prices” page soon for updates.

Spent the better part of my day on August 29th working with Danielle and Jim and really felt good about the portfolio we put together. If you haven’t spent any time inside of the Modern Hotel I highly advise you to check it out. Strange place for sure but in the same sense, very cool. I felt like I was trapped in this Post-Modernistic world thus the name Modern Hotel huh? Many thanks to Jim & Danielle I enjoyed the time and creating your pictures. Anyways, sorry I have been a tad absent but my focus has been on the design on wedding books and shooting the images that make up those books. More stuff coming soon.

Cool Weather & Football For All My Friends,