Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

So I come to you hoping that all enjoyed their Thanksgiving activities. It is that one time of year where we are allowed to give in and accept an over indulgence of sorts. Aside from football, beer, and accidentally cooking the cat instead of the turkey (kidding), I proceeded to do what I do best, take a few shots. What I have always found is that on Thanksgiving you are surrounded by more people and animals than even the chaos of Christmas! Having said that, the six shootin Nikon was in full effect! I hope that all of you broke out the camera on T-Day and blasted a few flash blinding shots of your annoying siblings or Mom and Dad smooching in the kitchen for those are the ones you are most likely to reflect on some many years down the road. If you are on my Facebook page, post some of these images because like you I enjoy viewing them almost as much as I love taking them. Happy holidays my friends the fun has only just begun. Now we get to listen to a month of super saver deals on XMAS buying but I guess that beats the doldrums of silence.
Thinner Waistlines for All My Friends,


Friday, November 6, 2009

Time for some R&R

As I sit here in bed enjoying a little downtime I have just finally begun to realize I have completed perhaps the longest jaunt of photo edits in my history of taking pictures. Wow 2009 came on like a flood and has left me battle tested and ready for more. Equipment issues are dancing in my head and though I love the products Nikon offers, I have come to realize that anything less than a full frame sensor just won’t cut it anymore. For those of you who understand photography you know exactly what I mean when I say that full frame is the only frame thus, looking into my crystal ball I see D700’s in my future. Besides, it is thought that at some point digital full frame sensors will be the only option so why not start now?

I read an interesting article today about the trend of recent folks who have been laid off picking up the camera and calling themselves a “Professional” photographer and how it is hurting the industry. I have harped on this topic before and will again offer two thirds of my two cents.

It is a free country
At least their not getting stoned
Natural talent is what it is, NATURAL so if you lack it, you and the client will know soon enough.
Flaws in technique will be exposed early and often. (I am not above having days like this yet I still blame my equipment)
We all started somewhere though we sometimes act like we were born with a client list that rivals Mike Colon.
The “Smalls” vs. the “Bigs” is just another way of placing elitist labels on something that is here for all to enjoy.
Negative energy used excessively will ultimately end up fueling your own tank if you spend too much time staying angry at these newbie’s so lighten up already.
Somebody has to take the blame for failing studios across the country right?
If you aren’t careful, you may miss out on a free bottle of Sky Vodka from cool clients like Curtis and Amanda so relax and have some fun. (Cheers to my Colozzi crew)
I am laughing as I write this cause tomorrow I may go hypocrite on ya and join the fray of hecklers against those who dare try to discover what a million others already have. Look in the mirror already, owning a D3 doesn’t make you unique just spoiled with a larger bank account. (BIG SMILE).

Many warm and special thanks to Curtis & Amanda for an awesome go even though the weather just about killed us.
Never before have I received a tie from one of my grooms.

To my bud Nathan and his new wife Megan for the forgiveness offered after I had them trek thorough a mound of mud and disgusting filth just to get a shot near an otherwise boring pond.

To my grand finale of Tyler and Jamie who were the recipients of some extended coverage because I just wasn’t ready to accept the 2009 season as a done deal.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you I worked with to include vendors and families alike it is super cool to make new friends in the name of fun and work!

Sky Vodka for all my friends,