Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Leg Thankfulness

Fellow Pilgrims,

As we draw within a few days of Thanksgiving I am left to ponder the spoils of a successful year in 2008. As a photographer, I tend to take for granted some of the gadgets and gizmos made by smart engineers that allow me to do what I do. You prob know where I am going with this and that is, I am thankful for bright minds. Because I am a Nikon shooter, I tend to favor their goods the most but that is not the entire scope of what is available for you up and coming shooters. Canon is hands down an amazing maker of cameras and gadgets as well. Therefore, when you hear your friends saying that they are not sure which is best tell em that Foster said you can’t go wrong either way and to just be thankful for what is out there. Speaking of pictures, I took a little field trip up the side of Bogus Basin yesterday and had myself some fun with the fog and scenery. Enjoy the pics and for those of you who have commissioned me to take your pictures this year know that I am grateful and flattered by your actions. It takes a whole bunch of study and mistakes to master the style I employ and that would not have been possible without you, the customer and friend.

Thank you :)

Turkey Legs and Beer for all My Friends,


Your T-Day To Do List

Drink a cold one

Watch some football

Play tackle football with the neighbors cat

Spike the punch Grandma makes

Get the garage ready for the in-laws

Friday, November 7, 2008

Marketing Jabber

Ahhh the sounds of my fingers striking the keyboard yet again for all of my loyal readers. Countdown to 2009 is underway and I am left to ponder where all of that time we called 2008 went? Needless to say, for those of you coming on board as brides for 2009 know that I not only look forward to working with you, but want to submit to you some new items that are coming with the packages. Raised prints are awesome and are included my in my options for 2009. What are they you ask? Imagine having a picture that hangs on your wall that is raised above that same wall by about 1 ½ inches. The print is simply placed on a raised hard like board material and ready for immediate hanging! What’s best is that they are light weight, have no glass to worry about breaking, and they come in a multitude of sizes and I mean even the big sizes. So stroke your ego cause you have earned it and hang one your favorite wedding pictures up on that wall of yours for the world to see. Given the dimensions of the product, it will provide what ordinary framed prints cannot, something elegant yet edgy! The other items that are coming standard for this year are coffee table books. Now I will not lay satisfied while some outside company designs a lame cover rather, using my awesome skills in layout I will design covers for you that give your books the uniqueness and look that is not standard among the rest of the industry. Of course you can still order the traditional flush mount albums but I have noticed that these items have taken a dive in terms of popularity. Well, if you change your mind remember that the ones I offer provide you with pages that you can actually pull out and rearrange thus the sequence of your book.

I was sitting around the house the other day thinking about this year’s election and something humbling dawned upon me. Our parents had it tough, and when I say tough I mean tough. I say this because they had no internet & no e-commerce instead settling for the mundane task of using paper and pens for everything. Ok this sounds a tad elementary but have you ever stopped and thought about how easy it is to reach out to the world these days? My Dad probably thought the next world war would be fought with pens and paper they used them so much! My point is, we as a country have no excuse for not researching the things that are most important to us most notably, the people that lead the charge! Having said that, I hope each one of you got out there and did your thing at the ballot box and no matter whom you voted for, know that if you voted you did right in my eyes. Feeling patriotic enough yet? Good cause we are planning a march for Lance Foster show is your favorite photographer in the Treasure Valley! Its Friday and I am sold on myself…..

Lastly, meet Jamie….What an exciting and gorgeous subject! I am flattered to have been chosen to capture her Senior Pictures and look forward to working with her again!

Commodities of interest
1. $2.50 at the pump….Happy again…Imagine if sleep were charged by the gallon or some other crazy unit of measure. It would be worth far more than $2.50 to most of us.

Annoyance that one just has to pick at
2. Too many photo blogs saying the same thing or outright copying others.

Exciting Vision
3. More brides who opt to have their pictures taken in their dresses days before the actual wedding date.

American Flags for All My Friends,