Friday, June 22, 2007


I wonder why scammers are all of the sudden targeting photographers. I mean really, nobody ever accused us of being Harvard’s best & brightest but sheez, do they really think we are that stupid? You are probably wondering what I am rambling about so I will explain.

Scam artist acting like a potential client emails you for availability.
Then, asks how much to send for deposit (all of this can be found on most photography websites anyway)
Then asks for a mailing address and offers to send you more than is required. The catch is that they want you to mail them back the remainder after subtracting for the deposit.
Your bank runs the check and while they get a nice little chunk of cash, the poor/idiot photographer is left with the hefty bounced check fees when the check fails to clear.
Not sure about your bank but mine, Wells Fargo has implemented a system to prevent getting taken though it does little to protect me. Each time I deposit a check the bank will only release the first $100 until the rest clears. Regardless, I always get these emails and I simply tell them my wedding package costs $350,000 plus travel. They seldom reply and what makes me laugh even harder is that most of them speak HORRIBLE English. Here is an excerpt of one I got just a couple of days ago.

Hello Foster, Am Steve Mac, It’s my pleasure to invite you to my Daugther wedding ceremony which is going to take place at First Baptist church san Antonio , Georgia USA on August 4th 2007, please let me know if your company will be available on this date to take the coverage and every necessary things on that day. So let us know if you will be available on that on that day, let us know your package for 8 hours, presently am not in the state but it’s my duty to take care of this part that’s why, I have to contacted you. Let me know if you can receive your payment with a CERTIFIED CASHIER CHEQUE OR MONEY ORDER from my client in the states. Am looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

Treat As Urgent

See what I mean? San Antonio is in Georgia now???? What I have always found funny is that we can find one freaking cow who has “Mad Cow Diesease” amongst a hundred thousand but can’t find one of these idiots much less Osama.

Well enjoy I am off to Spokane for a wedding and then will be enjoying some down time. Congrats to Daniel & Ximena for a lovely wedding last weekend it was a privilege to provide your photography.

More updates to the site are coming soon to include a flash player for the pics of the week!

Nikon for All My Friends,


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The website is taking on a new shape. In the wedding section you will find a flash player slide show while each navigation button button will be redesigned as well. I hope to have some new stuff and more non-traditional wedding pictures posted for ya soon. In the meantime, check out some of these pictures from Greg Sims who just so happens to have one wicked portfolio!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Well as I posted earlier I have been at it with weddings and what not. Even had a challenging assignment of taking pictures of dental crowns for a gentleman who sells them to your local dentist. Thats right, the little silver things in your mouth I actually took pictures of. Just goes to show that photographers are capable of taking a shot of anything. I have always said that photography is the proximity of ideas but who would have thought? I wanna take a moment to congratulate some fine people who have allowed me to shoot their events. First my hats off to Becky & Antone who recently held an engagement party of sorts last Saturday and I am here to say it was a doozy. I mean really, when they are serving beer and you get to take pictures one would be a fool not to attend assuming they were invited! We ended up with some wicked images and I am thrilled that they loved em. Here is link to their wedding page and for those of you planning a wedding, this is a really cool service
Here is one for ya..

After this shoot I decided that for posed shots "RAW" is the only way to shoot! This allows me to give your pictures a more authentic aged feel.
Congrats to Joel & Jennifer who threw a helluva party at the 4th Street Gardens it was a total joy shooting your wedding and last but not least, Brady & Ryan who also recently completed a engagement session with me. More weddings are on the way and I can't wait to let my trigger finger do it's thing!
Drinks For All My Friends,
Justis Photography