Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jeff & keri all the way from L.A.

Had the pleasure of shooting my first wedding of 2010 on March 7th and as always, I had a blast. Just to be "Anti-Establishment" I will refrain from telling you the days events in chronological order that somehow get the words "Emotion", "Love", & "Feelings" jumbled into the paragraph so that you think I was in this zen state of being with my subjects. That would be fake and one way to placate the memory of my subjects to the point of sounding like a Hallmark card that you always forget to take off the fridge. I digress, Jeff & Kari flew up from L.A. to have a ceremony right here in good ole Idaho. With a glaring sun ready to do battle with me I found myself spending the first 2 hours getting a feel for my subjects. Sometimes it is just like that in photography, you spend a bit of time earning trust for it is not everyday somebody takes 400 plus pictures of one set of people. I almost love the challenge that it presents because being the competitive guy I am, when I have conquered that obstacle whether real or perceived, I get a sense of satisfaction not found in anything else I do.
Given that no two weddings are alike, I am always pleased when a couple isn't as worried about the status quo and I can say that Jeff & Keri were all over that. Even better, I am always blown away when two people are making this huge commitment to one another and yet they come off without a worry in the world. Without a doubt, these two fit that description. The funny thing is, I was probably more the worried than them it was my first gig for 2010. Funny how you have to get your "Sea Legs" after not shooting a wedding for 6 months and yet, I have always found my first wedding of a given year to be the one I remember the most. Of course all that matters are that 1. I am satisfied with the pictures 2. The subjects are satisfied with the pictures. Ok maybe not satisfied but ecstatic! The whole experience was yet one more gateway to another time created by the 3 of us that I can only hope they reflect on down the road. Wedding photography is that one thing where we are allowed to cross the lines of business and friends and with that said I am very happy to have been a small part of a new friendship if only seen through the memories of what we created .
Flying Over Your Mother's House,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Micha & Carrissa


Excellent engagement session capped by sunny skies and a gentle breeze. Always felt like engagements were the time to work out the kinks and find what fits a subject best for their wedding day. This of course, is like the pre-season for weddings and already I feel like I am in mid-season form. I am ready, are you?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lawyers in Love

I have always loved the time of year when you know that everything cold is nothing more than a blip in the rearview mirror. We are now as close to springtime as it is to us and I find myself anxious to be outside. Jake & Kassy met me at one of my new locations that I hadn’t tried and based on what we turned out, I will be using that location again. Photographers always keep some locations to themselves not sharing them with anyone. This is because new locations get copied once it is discovered that they produce cool pictures. You’re always nervous when choosing a new location because you are not sure if it will lend itself well to your subjects. Not sure why I feel that way except to say that you are going into an unproven zone and will be working on the fly. New locations are notorious for having snakes, hornets, Pumas etc…. Just joking actually…..Back to Jake & Kassy, two lawyers must equal two soul mates. It was a pleasure working with them and I look forward to what the summer may bring when we meet again.
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First Weddings for All My Friends,