Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lessons with a new wedding to show

Comrades In Love,

Ever felt that ping in the back of your head telling you that your brain machine has had just about enough of the rat race? In other words, the pounding headache from having too much to do and deadlines to meet! My friends all say I am a loof when it comes to that but my argument has always been that it is part of my charm (Smiling). To give you an example, I was shuffling through the Denver airport the other day browsing my Facebook on my IPhone. I placed the phone back in my pocket and proceeded to my gate. Upon hearing my boarding call, I begin to think I have entered the aircraft sans IPhone. Searching my pockets like a confused child I let the anxiety of the moment get the best of me not even realizing that I had brushed my hand across the phone sitting right there in my cargo pocket! Not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!!! Argghhh….Like a child I am but there is a lesson to all of this. Your wedding day can be much like the scenario I just painted for you (Yes it was a true story) & my offer is to tell you to relax and go with it regardless of how things go down. I know, you’re probably cursing me for throwing rocks in a glass house but at least you don’t have to see me in a dress! You on the other hand, will see yourself in that dress and the view is much nicer when you let the good, the bad, and the somewhere in the middle parts of your day flow for what they are, beautiful in their own way.

Had an awesome time shooting Mellissa & Noah’s gig 2 weeks ago. I would have posted earlier but vacations and the IPhone took up all of my time. Let me say that the lighting on their day was fantastic and I was on a role! Thank you guys it was fun, it was hot, and it was sultry! Until we meet again I say……………..
Sweatbands For All My Friends,