Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can Spring Come Any Quicker?

Ahhh the thought of Spring is oh so sweet I admit I have “cabin fever” something fierce! Lately life has been nothing more than a work study of sorts. The Nikon D300 is one camera not for the faint of heart rather, the photographer looking to learn how to fly a plane. My point is, there are more choices, gadgets, settings, & options than I have ever seen. Trying to remember all of them seems to be the hardest part. On that note I have been lucky enough to own an IPOD Touch and using ITunes, I simply download tutorials on the inns and out’s of the D300 and listen to them in my car. What a deal huh? Engagement sessions are looming and I am really hoping to throw in some different types of shots for you couples this year. For example, on Parkcenter Blvd. there is a median that runs in-line with Beacon Ave and right at the end of the median is a guardrail and a slight curve in the road. I would absolutely love to pose a couple sitting down against the front of the guardrail while doing a timed exposure to get the streak effect of the cars whizzing by (no worries this is safe). Stay tuned, I will gauge which couple fits this particular shot idea as I begin the sessions. Of course there will be plenty of traditional mixed in there but the need to be different and unique is picking at me no less and though that sounds cliche, it is picking at me no less.

For those of you out there with questions regarding your camera please shoot me an email, I love talking shop and I find that I learn more from other photographers both young and old than I do from the many books I have read. Not much else to report but stay tuned things are forever changing in my world that much is for sure.

Flying Over Your House,