Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Rest For The Weary


Finished up two more weddings last week and am glad to report that I have no more back to back weddings this year. Good thing cause it beat the you know what out of me! Nonetheless, they turned out awesome and were a hoot to cover. I really enjoy it when I am hired to cover a wedding in McCall, Idaho. The scenery is phenomenal and always make me look better than I really am! Mucho congrats to Mike & Lindsey and a special thank you to the both of them for their patience and flexibility. Other than getting pulled over by the McCall Police for doing 28 in a 25, the trip was awesome.

The next morning I had the pleasure of doing Bryon and Andrea’s wedding here in Boise at the Powerhouse. Laid back event and even had the chance to meet some fine folks who hail from Bama. Don’t think I made them too happy when I told them my dad went to LSU (Auburn fans hate LSU fans) but what can one do? If I were an Auburn fan, I would be tired of LSU whooping up on my team as well. I realized after I got home I needed to have my feet replaced! Freaking amazes me how at 33, I feel 63 after 7 or 8 hours of covering a wedding. In fact, I am almost embarrassed to admit this but it is how it is folks. So on that note when I hear people say we have the easiest job in the world, I will remember to invite them for a 2 day wedding turn around and then see how they feel. Thank you Bryon and Andrea for the opportunity to shoot your day (not in the foot mind you) it was super fun and I hope to see your mugs again. Ok gotta run I have a convention I am shooting in downtown Boise I need to prep for.

Cushioned Soles for All My Friends,


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Valid Warnings & A Wedding

The nest is full already! I have been swamped with some weddings of late (not that I am complaining) and each one has been different in terms of logistics, style, and the type of bride. Needless to say I am having fun and doing what I love to do. Ok enough of the sappy crappy and on to Stuart & Lindsay. Pretty low stress day for all except the dampness on the grounds at the park had me a tad concerned for Lindsay’s dress. Like most weddings, we were on a pretty tight timeline so we had to boogie quite a bit. Once it began the ceremony was pretty fast and no sooner had Stuart placed a big one on Lindsay for the first time as hubby & wife we were off the Crystal Ballroom for the reception. Here are a few shots from the day I hope you like them as much as I do. I wish both my bride and groom well, they were super fun and easy to work with.

More weddings on the way for sure. FYI, if you drive through McCall, Idaho be sure and keep both hands on the wheel and don’t even think about going one mile an hour over the speed limit. Yep, got nailed last Sat. after a wedding and of to my surprise one the first questions I got asked from this officer was “Are you carrying any weapons”? I politely told her that I am carrying a weapon, the Nikon D300 and it has been known to shoot a bride or two. Needless to say she wasn’t impressed but let me go with a warning. Couldn’t help but wonder why I got asked that question I mean really, if I had a firearm do you really think I am going to tell you? Dumbasses…..
Traffic Tickets For All My Friends,

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And As The Shutter Clicks

Dear Peeps,

Well my body has let me know in no uncertain terms that wedding season is in full swing. Wish somebody would politely tell Mother Nature that it is supposed to be much warmer this time of year! Regardless, I have been able to do much of what I wanted to do differently so far this season. In terms of manipulating light I have been having a field day let me tell ya. Last weekend saw me shoot a wedding for Dustin & Amber at the Powerhouse in Boise. Lord I just love the red bricks in that place it really gives ones photos an edge I think. I was super pleased to see Amber play along with my ideas and as a result her bridal pictures are gorgeous awesome. It would be an injustice if I did not thank her new hubby Dustin for helping me round up the family when it came time for formals. I swear that is one of the toughest aspects of this job and one must tread lightly as to not offend anyone when giving them orders. I actually brought a second shooter to this wedding and he did an excellent job of capturing the candid’s for me! Mucho thanks Greg, your skills will soon be realized!

Friday June 6 was also awesome as I got to photograph a bride I had actually done pics for before. April, who was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her man Adam (Flew in from Iraq) put on a great show and it reflected nicely in their pictures. Lucky for me I had the luxury of utilizing my favorite abandoned coal plant for some of their pics and lets just say urban edge was the theme for those. If that wasn’t enough, I also shot their ceremony in the Botanical Garden here in Boise. What an awesome place to shoot! Things were a tad behind schedule but in the end it worked out perfectly! Just goes to show that with a little flexibility on everyone’s part all can and will work out! Thank you tons April & Adam! Got up the next morning and shot another wedding for Stuart and Lindsey and because I am still working on their pics, I have no previews just yet but I promise to get em up soon.

My 2 cents
The Nikon 17-55mm F2.8 lens is bar none the best portrait lens around but will hit you in the wallet!
No matter how hard I iron my shirts, they end up looking like a wrinkled rag by the end of every wedding.
Gel Filters are a photographer’s best friend!
Congrats to my extended family members Sammy and Michelle Marvin on the birth of their first child.
I have given up hope that the greed on Wall Street would subside thus help the pain at the pump.

Fuel Cards for All My Friends,