Friday, February 27, 2009

Red Skies At Night

As the weather finally starts to turn warmer some of the wicked things we can do with a camera become a little more enjoyable. For some reason, my thing of late has been to “Paint with Light” which requires a shutter release device, a great light source, and a clear night sky. For me it represents the calm before the storm simply because as we inch ever so close to these warmer temperatures, wedding season falls right on my head. So last week I did a series of shots using two locations around the Lucky Peak Area. It was a matter of tying a flashlight to a string and keeping the shutter open for about 55 seconds. Here is what I ended up with so enjoy. I am thinking that if the opportunity presents itself, maybe I will post a bride and groom under a night sky like this. Any takers?

Night Lights For All My Friends,