Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Home to the Big Easy!

Been having some fun down in the Big Easy! Let me tell you that city has cleaned itself up considerably! So much for the hurricane wiping everything out. I was really impressed with the effort of the people who are trying to restore one of this countries great cities. I had the chance to watch the family alum, LSU play Arkansas on Friday after Thanksgiving and it was nothing short of a heart breaker. At $80 a seat, I would have liked to have won dammit! No more weddings in 2007 from this point forward we are all about Lance. Time for me to take some shots that appeal to me and perhaps, only me. Speaking of weddings, I will post some pictures of Trev and Shan’s wedding in Temple Square down in Salty City. I had a great time and so far, I am loving the pictures we got. Not much more to report but I will be back shortly with some shots from Salt Lake.

Drinks for all my friends,