Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Football Season and a Few Pics

My Fellow Citizens, 

Been shooting some new material for both the 2011 wedding season and the Justis Photo website. Finding that the Fall is flat out my favorite time to shoot with the colors and the feel of the air that seems to breath new legs under this old body. First up was a very dear friend and former bride (Chelsea Oyler) who gave me just a few moments of her time to snap off a dramatically lit shot of a woman perched high above the hills. I felt the fitness theme lent itself well to the shot and that was fine with Chel given she was training for a marathon at the time. I love shots with a desert theme and love bright off cameras lights even more! A great friend this lady is and a righteous Justis thanks is in order!

Dustin and Michelle met up with me at a little place situated behind the Boise Foothills where privacy and the calm are as abundant as the air we breathe. One cool day for shooting it was except for the massive birthday party we stumbled into hoping to use it as a backdrop for the final shots. This mother whom I don't know had rented out just about every party toy known to man. She even had some company bring out one of those giant inflatable balls (you know the kind you can climb inside of) that the kids were going crazy in. I admit, I was tempted to sweet talk my way into getting a picture using that contraption but Mom was having none of it. What can ya do? 

Starting now I am no longer with printroom for gallery hosting. SmugMug has sucked me in and so far I really like the layout of the galleries. This means that you get a much nicer gallery for 2011 and I get a bed of comfort knowing things will be run in an orderly fashion. Check out the link at http://justisphoto.smugmug.com/
From there you can order prints or simply enjoy the various slideshows put together with any, you guessed it, music. I think everyone knows how Mr. Foster feels about that :)

Smugs For All My Friends,