Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Thief in the Night


I come to you with not so great news. After promising to make myself more available via the blog I simply had to step away to deal with a setback. Making a long story short, somewhere late into the night on November 2, a group of less than stellar people managed to break into my garage and steal what amounts to my recreational implements. Additionally, they managed to walk out with my MacBook Pro which was stationed on my workbench. Some of you might ask why in the hell did I have a Mac inside my garage and I will tell you that part of my garage has been converted into a "Man Cave" of sorts where I keep many of the tools that I use for making pictures. Locked inside a rather large Pelican Case was just about every lens & amd camera body I own but lucky for me they were too stupid to look inside or they would have gotten somewhere between$15K-$20K worth of Nikon gear. Guess that won't be left there ever again.....Insurance is paying for about 90% of the loss but the true loss is what we all value the most, that being, TIME! I have never had to fill out so much paperwork in my life and that explains my lack of activity. Topping it off, the bastards managed to take my vehicle as well and for 5 days it was held hostage like an American in Iran in a place other than my residence. The story doesn't end there but instead of typing the long end of the tale, I will let you read how this all ended.

Here is the link, happy reading :)

Been taking a picture or two just for fun but have for the most part hunkered down to prepare for next year's class of wedding clients. You may have noticed some of the pricing changes on the Justis Photo website but it's worth noting that framed canvass prints (11 x 14) are the standard in each package now and rest assured, you will love them! They are offered Ala Carte on everything I do just so you know. Another new change for 2011 is the introduction of Smug Mug as the source for galleries and ordering prints. With that comes a more dynamic mix of offerings and flat out a better gallery experience for each client.

Just finished an engagement shoot today so keep tabs on the Justis Photo Facebook page for a sneak peek coming soon. Until we write & read together again.....

Car Alarms For All My Friends,