Monday, June 6, 2011

30 Plus Days


So after a 30+ day hiatus I have finally availed myself to the jaws of my MacBook Pro's thirst to have a new blog typed right into the motherboard. Coming straight out of a time warp the last month has seen me shoot, travel, and shoot some more. Before we get to some samples, I wanna say the world has seen the Mother load of newsworthy events plant itself in the paths of our lives. From Osama Bin Laden to the devastating twisters to hit the Midwest, our sensitivities are all but numb. Polarized and yet energized we continue forward.

You have probably heard me say a thousand times how client-based photography is 2 parts relationship management and one part technical proficiency. Being the silent bird hovering in the night sky, I am now keenly aware that an ethos of forced self reflection are being used as a marketing tactic more and more these days. Without using numbers, I have seen countless blogs, ads, pitches, etc. involving somebody trying to sell you something while using questions designed to have you asking yourself; Who you are, What moves you, yada yada yada. Because of this self appointed duty that requires me to splash a little cold water on the faces of many, I must now awaken you from this tactic of novelty. This isn't isolated to photography either. I have seen the aforementioned used for many other goods and services as well. It remains a system of trends that we continually find ourselves in and while I think that is the end result of “Pushing Creation Forward”, it also stands as a platform of commercial manipulation if you will. I am your photographer and by a bond of trust (& Money lol), I am also your official correspondent. I connect with you via this trust and common interests as opposed to having you tell me the things that “move you” in this life. If I am doing my job right, I already know what moves you that being, the other person standing in front of you at the altar who joins you while a sea of loved ones watch on. Pretty simple I think. You bring me into the fold to document, organize, and when necessary, mediate your wedding. That period from consultation to the conclusion of your wedding is a product of what you like about my work, and what you like about me as a person. Nowhere will you find a rule forcing you to swim in my intrinsic pool deeper than say,  3 feet.  If none of that makes sense, join the army of ants scratching their heads as we speak.

Enjoy some of the latest odds & ends from the world of Lance Foster & before I close, details of Dustin & Michelle’s wedding will be posted soon.

Relevance for All My Friends,