Saturday, May 22, 2010

Depot Wedding

Comrades of the World,

I am always amazed at the spectacle a wedding brings. For all the pictures I take, weddings bar none bring out an elegance that is raw yet polished in emotion. May 10th did not disappoint and Micha & Carissa proved awesome! It marked the first wedding I have shot at the Depot and also marked the first picture I have ever shot in a men’s bathroom. You can laugh all you want but the layout of the bathroom was ripe for a comical picture of the boys. Many thanks to both families and the catering was by far the best I have seen in the years I have been shooting weddings. Just flat out awesome!

Urinals For All My Friends,


Thursday, May 13, 2010

(Correction) Desert Storm


I think that I have figured out why I am not as frequent in my writings. Blame none other than Facebook! Between keeping tabs on that and the constant barrage of info found there, blogging seems secondary anymore. Not that I don't like writing the blog just sayin that when compared to the high speed exchanges on Facebook I am reduced to a lesser degree of dialogue when it comes to blogging. Most people simply read it and move on where as with Facebook you can almost always count some sort of exchange whether it be positive or negative. Maybe the blog is the "Minor Leagues" for Justis Photo and a place for me to warm up the thoughts? Hmmm, maybe not.....

Shot some pictures of Melissa out in the desert recently and aside from the fact we had 40 mph winds that seemed relentless, I pulled out perhaps some of my best work to date. Proud? That would be an understatement to describe the degree of imagery the two of us handed to ourselves on this warm yest blustery spring day. I spend weeks doing nothing but thinking of new places with new faces always trying to capture a different mood that others are either unwilling or incapable of pulling off. Was it worth lugging light stands up what seemed like Rainer like peaks? Absolutely and the pictures show it. Like I have always said, when you quit pushing yourself it is time to push yourself right out the door. This is the one profession that I have found that you can discover the true proximity of ideas and if harnessed, the ordinary becomes super natural! Having to clean sand out of my gear for a week sorta sucked but something tells me I will be enjoying these pictures for years to come.
More to come soon from last weekends wedding so stay tuned.....Drinks are on me :)
Camels For All My Friends,