Monday, November 21, 2011

Kicking the Living Euphoria Right Out of You


I am actually writing you this time with more than something that says “Writer’s Block”. Since I am righting a wrong (Get it?) allow me to bring a punch to your inner soul with some news. This year’s Justis calendar is done and ready to hit the press and if you care or just want a good laugh at my creative expense I say bring it! Yes I admit, the last two years had a few creations that I look back at and wonder what in the hell I was thinking but life is a series of progressions you build upon. Nonetheless, I have managed to compile a series of images that I worked on when I was one of the following: 1. Bored       2. Needing to practice CS5  3. Dressing up like Greg Sims for Halloween. And since I am doing what everyone else does (blogging) I figured that I would bellow a few noble words and share the goods. Impressed? Hardly you say? That is OK, I am used to my words hitting the dirt faster than a bull rider with no arms.  So without further delay, the entries please.....



Special thanks to those who voluntarily or involuntarily found themselves in the entries I thank all of you for simply being you. Now go warn your neighbors about me! Happy Thanksgiving my friends from all over the globe! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Purple with TCU


Hope you are enjoying the onset of fall and that with XMAS just around the corner, that you are thinking of sending me a bottle of the "Goose". In the meantime, enjoy some shots from a former TCU baseball player & his college sweetheart. What a day it was despite the fact I busted a $500 flash because I failed to take my head out of my %ss. Life will go on and life is good for one Paul & Allison Gerrish. Great people with amazing families.

Leaves For All My Friends,


Monday, August 29, 2011

30 Plus Days of Motion


As much as I Facebook, it seems blogging is but only a secondary way for me to alert the world to the  motions that move both with an against me.  I wonder if the person who came up with the term “Information Age” factored how that term would alter our abilities to stay focused on one thing? Haven't heard from someone in 45 days? No problem, read their blog while you pay your bills!  In the beginning, I honestly thought social media, smart phones, etc. would enable relationships to grow while helping us stay in touch with long lost friends. Truth is, it has done just that but it has complicated things even more. Seems as though we have a millions of signals streaming down upon us and it can make life tough to slow down as I have found.  How ironic that convenience can sometimes become a task in itself…..It stands to reason that my lust for blogging has lost some of it’s luster for reasons associated with other social media obligations that I now carry in my front pocket. So with that said, I give to you my monthly update.
July 29th saw me out in Homedale shooting Matt & Donnae’s wedding on a property that enjoys a view of the Snake River. With Matt fresh out of one of those walking boots, (Torn Achilles) timing could not have been better. This wedding also marked the first time my son (Devon Justis) attended and assisted me at a gig. Never have I been so proud of his work ethic and flexibility but even more telling was his recognition of the energy one uses to complete the job on any given weekend during the summer. With enough heat to melt the Devil, we plugged away at 8 hours of work only to find ourselves soaking in a hot tub for an extended period once we got home. Matt & Donnae are now enshrined into the “Justis League” and for that I thank them.

With no rest for the weary (literally) I did a rare turn-around the following day shooting Dan & Carman’s wedding at good ole’ C.W. Moore Plaza. Unlike any couple before them, these two flew in from their home in Hong Kong so that Dan’s family could seem them marry. What could not have been better was that this gig was went at a pace that gave new meaning to the term easy come, easy go. It  just goes to show that the reach of a photographer’s work can and will make impressions across the ponds of the earth.  Does it get any better?

With 2 down and 2 more to go, I was off to Garden Valley to meet up with Scott & Kirsten. With my son making a second appearance, we were handed the keys to a golf cart that my son made clear he would be driving. The event was short and sweet but the fun lasted for hours. “Ice Blocking, Golf Cart Racing, and Guitar Bashing were a few of the oddball things we found ourselves consumed with while making pictures for the masses. If you stick with wedding photography long enough, you will discover that sometimes you get a ticket to ride as well. Having fun on "The Day" is what it is all about!

Last but not least, I landed right in the heart of downtown Boise shooting a gig at the “Aldeman” for Vachel & Andrea. I must say that for a newer wedding venue, the place is sure to give the competition a run for their money! It is a photographers dream complete with rustic décor sure to make any creative professional smile. Even better, my two confederates we nothing short of a blast to work with while a perfect fit for the urban influenced pictures I had planned. I always have to remind myself to avoid being too greedy when it comes to shooting downtown. I mean seriously, downtown Boise is one of the best places on earth during the summer and a pure joy to shoot wedding clients. I could give you the long and short of my love for downtown but I think the pictures demonstrate what I am getting at. Damn, there are days I wish I had a million miles of wall space to hang some of the images I nail down each summer. Sorta like a “Bridal Hall of Fame”.  For what it’s worth, I keep a gallery of my favorites deep within my soul. Having that ensures I remain connected to the blending of  light, angles, and available resources into what ultimately becomes something timeless. Now that I have verified that “writer’s block” isn’t an issue, let me give you ten things I think.

10 Things I Think
  • The hardest part of being a photographer is cultivating a new creative edge for each and every gig. 
  • I am noticing fewer and fewer people jumping into the photographer profession. Not but 2 years ago, I couldn’t walk through downtown without seeing 50 “People with a Camera”. 
  • Best line I have heard in sometime is “When I look into your eyes, I see the back of your head”.  
  • The vendors at the state fair look similar to the faces you see on the Ada County jail roster. 
  • Small businesses are by far, the most important asset to the U.S. economy. Anyone who tells you otherwise, needs to have their head examined.  The next time you drive somewhere, pay close attention to the number of establishments you see. My guess is that 97% of them will be establishments with only one maybe two locations thus, small. Appreciate them but more importantly, BUY FROM THEM! 
  • Speaking of the U.S., more than a “rebound”, this country needs leadership with no strings attached.  Would be great if a person who didn’t come from millions could rise up and relate to the working class. 
  • The Oregon Coast is a must see for all!
  • The color pink is really the color red without a tan. 
  • “Unbroken” is the read of a lifetime
  • Randomly do something nice for a complete stranger when the opportunity arises. People more than ever, need a reminder of how giving their fellow Life Bots can be. 

Iced Tea For All My Friends, 


    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    My Soul Turned to Clay

    Dustin & Michelle


    There is just something about the drive home from a gig after you have poured every ounce of your soul into a shoot. The body is drained but even more so, the realm that makes up that soul has not a thing left to offer. I find this to be one of the most satisfying feelings to have at the conclusion of a gig. Like the gauges in your car that give you the status of each critical component, these things I describe are telling me that: 1. I gave my all 2. Money earned is better than money given 3. My chest bore a vest of fortitude that refused even the slightest urge to let the elements get the better of me.
    Chelcy & "The Man" Jed

    The Amazing & Kind Chelcy Cordova

    Desirae Bronson

    In St. Louis

    Matt & Ashleigh 

    While none of these things race through my head in any particular order, they no less serve as the catalyst of impulsive satisfaction during the last light of the day. There is no music playing, there are no words spoken, just the serene sound of uniformed air that runs along my arm at 80 MPH. Each moment gets replayed as I chuckle at the moments that lead up to the very last words I say to a family as I depart. That my friends, is connecting with your passions perhaps even, your purpose in life.

    My Bro Kory & I Hanging at the Fiddle Festival
    With that, I present to you the end result of my three thousand calorie burning days which includes Dustin/Michelle, Matt/Ashleigh, and Jed/Chelcy and a few up and coming musical artists, etc. All of these had their own unique spin but also reminded me of why the art of shooting is best served by a mind and body in shape! Thank you for the flexibility, the ability to laugh, your originality, and most importantly the trust we exchange in our new found fellowship. The summer is here and the grill is making it's mark. The beer and flip flops are the in-between until that next moment, in the sun.

    Vacation for all My Friends,


    Monday, June 6, 2011

    30 Plus Days


    So after a 30+ day hiatus I have finally availed myself to the jaws of my MacBook Pro's thirst to have a new blog typed right into the motherboard. Coming straight out of a time warp the last month has seen me shoot, travel, and shoot some more. Before we get to some samples, I wanna say the world has seen the Mother load of newsworthy events plant itself in the paths of our lives. From Osama Bin Laden to the devastating twisters to hit the Midwest, our sensitivities are all but numb. Polarized and yet energized we continue forward.

    You have probably heard me say a thousand times how client-based photography is 2 parts relationship management and one part technical proficiency. Being the silent bird hovering in the night sky, I am now keenly aware that an ethos of forced self reflection are being used as a marketing tactic more and more these days. Without using numbers, I have seen countless blogs, ads, pitches, etc. involving somebody trying to sell you something while using questions designed to have you asking yourself; Who you are, What moves you, yada yada yada. Because of this self appointed duty that requires me to splash a little cold water on the faces of many, I must now awaken you from this tactic of novelty. This isn't isolated to photography either. I have seen the aforementioned used for many other goods and services as well. It remains a system of trends that we continually find ourselves in and while I think that is the end result of “Pushing Creation Forward”, it also stands as a platform of commercial manipulation if you will. I am your photographer and by a bond of trust (& Money lol), I am also your official correspondent. I connect with you via this trust and common interests as opposed to having you tell me the things that “move you” in this life. If I am doing my job right, I already know what moves you that being, the other person standing in front of you at the altar who joins you while a sea of loved ones watch on. Pretty simple I think. You bring me into the fold to document, organize, and when necessary, mediate your wedding. That period from consultation to the conclusion of your wedding is a product of what you like about my work, and what you like about me as a person. Nowhere will you find a rule forcing you to swim in my intrinsic pool deeper than say,  3 feet.  If none of that makes sense, join the army of ants scratching their heads as we speak.

    Enjoy some of the latest odds & ends from the world of Lance Foster & before I close, details of Dustin & Michelle’s wedding will be posted soon.

    Relevance for All My Friends,


    Friday, April 29, 2011

    Running Behind


    Sitting here watching "Pawn Stars" and writing you a love letter. Gearing up for another wedding season and trying like hell to get as much mountain biking and longboarding in before I am consumed in "I Do's". What have you been up to? Funny how I ask you a question that you couldn't possibly answer. My mistake, that was random and utterly ridiculous. I have but one more escape from reality before the season begins. Hiking all the way through Zions National Park in mid-May so expect some pictures and with any luck, I will be giving Thomas Kinkade a run for his money. In the meantime, enjoy shots from Matt & Donnae closing out with Jed & Chelcy.

    Shot out in lovely Middleton, Idaho for which I discovered that opportunities are plenty and wide open spaces rule the day! FYI, it is a fact that Middleton isn't some farming community forgotten by the hands of time instead, it contains many young, hip, and attractive people! The stereotype has now been put down!

    Jed & Chelcy opted for a little run at the famous "Old Penitentiary" in Boise. It marked the first time I have ever shot inside the old prison and for you nostalgic types, the place is a gem! I must make it clear that I avoided the "Death Chamber" for that would be a bad omen. For as much value as I place in enjoying the company I work for, I can't say enough at how fast I clicked with both Jed & Chelcy. For that matter, Matt & Donnae we awesome as well! Perhaps I should just shoot weddings for those in Middleton from this point forward? LOL
    The countdown is before the hectic world of wedding photography consumes me! The hot tub is ready and waiting for this old body after each and every gig and something tells me I am going to need it this year.

    Ten Things I Think

    1. The GoPro camera is one of the coolest toys on the open market right now.

    2. My 12 year old son is without a doubt, one of the funnest people I have the pleasure of being around.

    3. I think the NFL owners and players are clueless Buffoons and need to get their heads out of their asses!

    4. I think both Republicans and Democrats officially suck!

    5. It blows me away when I am lucky enough to have clients who take photography as serious as I do!

    6. The fact remains that while Facebook is super cool, it has given those without a brain a place to annoy the masses!

    7. Call me naive but I still believe in the best in people! (This excludes those identified in #6)

    8. My money says the flower blooms are going to be amazing this year.

    9. I think Jamie Saul has the type of charisma that people should be taking notice of.

    10. The blog "You are Not a Photographer" is at times, funny. However, I wonder if the authors of said blog are willing to post some of their earlier work? The point is, even those who are naturally gifted at one time or another, sucked! Yes I will say there are those who have no business getting paid for taking pictures and I will admit it can be a hoot to hack on them but to do so is to really hack on ourselves. Life is short my friends, it is ok to suck sometimes!

    Longboarding Past Your House,


    Monday, March 14, 2011

    What to Shoot


    I come to you itching for something new and something fresh. Since my schedule doesn't allow me to just jump into the car and head to Yellowstone whenever I want, it has become a real challenge to come up with some new and refreshing materials. Turns out, the solution was right under my nose! There is nothing more one powerful for creative types than Adobe's CS 5 (PhotoShop). I have spent some time digging into the various tutorials provided by the National Association of PhotoShop Professionals (NAPP). Doing this is one way of trying many different things without having to worry about getting it spot on the first time. Even better, I am fast discovering that when it comes to thinking outside the box, no other program helps you see beyond your own creative thought. Already I am feeling a sense of new ideas that I plan to try on this years list of weddings. No worries though, there will be no ketchup or mustard bottle chasing brides :)

    Wednesday, March 2, 2011

    Justis Photography Has Gone Music Review Crazy

    One more from Nate to add to the collection

    What do you get when you combine 600 people and three extremely talented musical acts? Pure energy and a vision of a collective group's hunger for creative success! On February 24th I shot MacKayla Hunter’s CD release party at the Knitting factory in downtown Boise and for someone only 15 years of age, I was amazed to say the least.  With an array of band members who touted what seemed like every instrument in the book, MacKayla struck thunder into every one of the nine songs she played before an energized audience. Personally, hearing a fiddle in the midst of her music only served to remind me of the thought that has been put into each and every one of her songs. I mean let’s be honest here, it isn’t often you hear music from someone still in high school that contains any instrument other than drums and guitars much less a fiddle. Furthermore, in todays over saturated pop culture, it stands as a reminder that there are those who still have the foresight and appreciation to what is right about music, that being, instrument variety used to every end imaginable!
    Before MacKayla could even grace the stage with her presence, my good friend and very talented Nate Fowler raced through a set list of equally pleasing if not amazing tunes from his catalog of songs capped by his recent hit “Hurricane” (My Personal Favorite). To see this high energy version of Jack Johnson is to witness someone who knows how to motivate a crowd's interest for an entire set. I say this because Fowler’s short adaptation of The Backstreet Boys “I want it that way” would typically be met with bewilderment however, Nate actually gave the song however short, a life that 5 made for T.V. Hollywood boys couldn't even do. However, when you have charisma and talent like Fowler, you could sing a “Brady Bunch” song and it would sound cool! The opening act was a rather large crew of guys who call themselves “Reckless Abandon”. Somewhere between Jazz, Folk, and Hip Hop you will find this group of (I think) 6 dudes standing all alone, unique, and emotionally invested more than most bands I have seen. I noticed not one member of the group possessed an image matching that of their fellow band mates. From Lip Bizkit to James Taylor each member seemed to have their own thing and I not only found this refreshing, but their music kicked more ass than a donkey! Working on doing a shoot with them in the future so I can honestly say if that comes to pass, I will interested to find what makes this collective group of dudes tick. Special thanks to Duke VanCampen and Shawna VanBeek for not only hiring me, but allowing me to be a part of the entire process. Excellent people with big hearts. Justis Photography definitely has a place for you in its own Ring Of Honor.
    Music For All My Friends,
    Justis Photography

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    Vachel & Andrea & a Website Update


    When you brave the profession of photography, finding the ideal client that mixes well with your game can be a challenge. I think that is an often overlooked notion in this business. Finding jobs while important, is nowhere near as important as finding jobs with cool people. In that way I would at times, liken wedding/engagement photography to that of alchemy (Look it up if you don't know what that means) . With a ever growing population of photographers breathing down the necks of experienced pro's, you have to capitalize on every great opportunity and for me,  another great opportunity presented itself in the form of Vachel & Andrea (Pronounced Aun-Dre-Ahh). For a good hour plus, we floated on a cloud of expression that gave me pure satisfaction if only for the sincerity of it all. I even broke into my own "Superman" look & enjoyed using this on a client shoot for the first time.On the top you can see the latest man to wear the cape while I present to you the very two shirts shot at a different time by yours truly. The shot of me is close to 3 years old and it just goes to show, some ideas hang around for years until they are used with clients. I will say that Vachel makes a much better Clark Kent that I ever could and in his picture, he has the lady while I have the darkness. Some guys just have all the luck I suppose. Who knows what the three of us will come up with on the wedding day but that is just one of the many things that keeps my head in the game & you in front of the lens.

    Website Update

    I have recently altered the pricing page of in hopes of simplifying the pricing. Instead of forcing you to accept the items included in each package, I have decide to let the client choose what they want in the package. So if you want 6 hours of coverage, you simply pay for that time and then buy additional items to add until you have the package you envisioned. Hope that makes sense but feel free to call or email me should you have any questions. I can be reached at or cell 208-899-5506

    Drinks For All My Friends,