Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Soul Turned to Clay

Dustin & Michelle


There is just something about the drive home from a gig after you have poured every ounce of your soul into a shoot. The body is drained but even more so, the realm that makes up that soul has not a thing left to offer. I find this to be one of the most satisfying feelings to have at the conclusion of a gig. Like the gauges in your car that give you the status of each critical component, these things I describe are telling me that: 1. I gave my all 2. Money earned is better than money given 3. My chest bore a vest of fortitude that refused even the slightest urge to let the elements get the better of me.
Chelcy & "The Man" Jed

The Amazing & Kind Chelcy Cordova

Desirae Bronson

In St. Louis

Matt & Ashleigh 

While none of these things race through my head in any particular order, they no less serve as the catalyst of impulsive satisfaction during the last light of the day. There is no music playing, there are no words spoken, just the serene sound of uniformed air that runs along my arm at 80 MPH. Each moment gets replayed as I chuckle at the moments that lead up to the very last words I say to a family as I depart. That my friends, is connecting with your passions perhaps even, your purpose in life.

My Bro Kory & I Hanging at the Fiddle Festival
With that, I present to you the end result of my three thousand calorie burning days which includes Dustin/Michelle, Matt/Ashleigh, and Jed/Chelcy and a few up and coming musical artists, etc. All of these had their own unique spin but also reminded me of why the art of shooting is best served by a mind and body in shape! Thank you for the flexibility, the ability to laugh, your originality, and most importantly the trust we exchange in our new found fellowship. The summer is here and the grill is making it's mark. The beer and flip flops are the in-between until that next moment, in the sun.

Vacation for all My Friends,



Barbara said...

I was at Jed and Chelcy's wedding and saw you in action. I am in awe of your talent and just love what how you captured Jed & Chelcy at their wedding as well as their engagement pics.

Justis Photography said...


Thank you so much for the kind words. I very much appreciate it my friend. I really had a great time shooting that wedding let me tell ya!