Thursday, April 24, 2008

Push Me, Pull Me, Or Hold Me In

Ok maybe I have just been on one lately but geez. I troll the Internet sometimes looking at Boise based photographer profiles and upon seeing their sites I cringe. I sometimes think people just run out and buy a camera and create themselves a "Photo Biz". Mind you, they seldom ever try new things and leave that trusty camera on "Auto" mode. C'mon already, don't let the camera think for you take some time and learn to understand those other little dials thus doing something that is way out there for a change. Maybe I am an ass but it seems as though nobody is willing to push the envelope at all around here. Their colors, poses, concepts are ALLLLLLL the same. In a perfect world we would all be different and thus feed off of each other like cannibals (Not Literally) but I guess not. At least the Sam Marvin's, Greg Simms, Russ MacDonald's and Julia Baileys are still alive and well. I would bet anyone who reads this that 50% of these sites I have visited belong to "photographers" who have no idea what split formals are. Don't start revving your engines yet, nobody crowned me Ansel Adams I realize. Just itching to see some new stuff and I figure 50% of photography is the mental aspect one brings to the table. The rest? Bullshit, Light, and a Name Brand that you cling to like it was your best friend. Did I say light makes up 49% ?

Bitches and Moans for All My Friends,


Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Latest

Well we are the dawn of yet another wedding season and for some of us it means fast shooting and tired feet. I am super excited about it all and have an awesome client list for this season. Recently I completed a few more engagements sessions most notably Nate & Launa and Scott and Lindsey. Both were amazing to work with and I am looking forward to hitting the aisles with these fun couples. Been working on some commercial stuff which included a project for “Shutter by Floral” and “Boondocks” amusement center. Both of these projects have been nothing short of fun and yet super challenging. Staying motivated while shooting floral arrangement after floral arrangement is the challenge I speak of but thanks to my trusted flower expert Heather, this was attainable. As for “Boondocks” I am finding that keeping the kids off of my gear to be even more challenging. I would be lying if I said that the kids didn’t piss me off but what is one to expect when it is a known fact that all kids are gadget heads.

Ok now on to more serious and pertinent things my friends. I have spoke about this before and this is not something I am soft on when I write so if I seem harsh, trust me I am and equally irritated. Once again Boise has found that not all wedding photographers are honest and worthy of the industry that provides a lifetime of memories to couples. Sometimes people take advantage of the trust that is given to them and one Boise Fraudtographer has once again taken someone’s money and provided them ZERO images. My question to this idiot is just how long they think that they can keep pulling this little stunt off. Just to refresh your memories this particular individual came to my attention last May when a friend of mine called me to tell me how this girl stole their down payment and never showed up for any meetings nor returned any of their calls. Listen folks, make sure that your photographer provides you a contract ASAP or before you give them a dime of your money the latter being preferred. Needless to say I provided a link to a listing from a review of this idiots profile on Decidio. If my favorite photographer who rips people reads this know that your bad name is affecting every other photographers good name. In other words, step off and disappear already. Below is the link & I encourage all brides and their families to utilize tools such as Decido to find out exactly what they are getting.

On a closing note I also want to send special thanks out to Irene who helped me get some of the most interesting portraits I have EVER taken. The pictures captured during her shoot pushed me and change the way the I approach individual sessions from this point forward. And last but not least I want to send my thoughts to a friend and colleague in New Orleans, Julia Bailey who inspires everyone who picks up a camera and excites our creative insights. Know that your friend Lance holds in you the highest of regards and wants you to keep providing the magic that inspires not only the work I do, but the work of all who aspire to achieve the creative process that you possess.

Drinks for All My Friends (Including Gadget Heads),


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Break Alive

Back at my favorite coffee shop in Boise musing about whatever, whenever, and wherever I feel. Now that I got my smart ass attitude in check I suppose it is time for me to start my rant of sorts.

I often get asked what I consider to be the most difficult aspect of doing a wedding. Surprisingly, this question comes more often than not and here are some of the assumptions I hear.

The mother of the bride is a pain in your arse
Either the bride or groom decide to skip out on the sessions initially wanted
You have a million people following you around trying to get the same picture
The bridal party fails to be anywhere on time
People mess with your equipment

After hearing these assumptions I can only say that other than messing with my equipment none of the others really bother me. To sit and bitch about a perfect day for one turned imperfect for another is useless and would mean I needed to find a new profession. In the case of #1 which is the most common assumption I say who cares simply because I am there for the B&G and nobody else. Is that a good answer?

Some of you have taken the time to send emails complimenting some of the things I have been lucky enough to pull off with a camera and I want to say thank you tons! The fact that you take a moment to send along an email means a bunch and is just another aspect of what I love about this lifestyle. That’s right, I called photography a way of life….Better not get me started on that one. Regardless, I have achieved a little bit just because there have been many who have taken the time teach and because nobody is above learning, I feel fortunate to have been humbled by some of the best. Repeat with me, NOBODY IS ABOVE LEARNING IF THEY WANT IT BAD ENOUGH!

Just spent spring break with my kiddo Devon and I have to admit I take for granted how intuitive kids are. I swear nothing gets by that bugger but it was no less a great week for some much needed father son time. Makes me wonder what type of world lies ahead for him considering the way things continue to go. Though I try to avoid the pitfall of total political debate it hounds me and wraps its dingy arms around my body! Perhaps that is the problem. Here we go dammit…Politics as a name is nothing more than an abstract fallacy used to sell emboldened reputations laced with deceit. What we need is accountability, sustainability, and most of all leadership. Does that mean Obama is the guy? Hillary the Woman? John the other guy? I dunno except to say that too many old & over privileged rich people continue to sit atop the highest seats while allowing themselves to become out of touch with the nuts and bolts of America. Imagine a scenario where some young, middle class person arises above it all who bears no affiliation to wealth as we know it, privilege as we loath, and a fakeness that makes us sick. What you have is a man or woman interconnected to the synergy that should be America. Based on what I see, don’t expect that concept to arrive in stores anytime soon.
Go ahead, cast your votes now for Lance………………….For the record, being rich is just fine before you send me some hate mail.....

The weather is getting warmer and I am glad though my peeps in the south are already seeing the 80’s as it skims there tanned foreheads. You lucky bastards I curse you.
Well that concludes my ranting I am ready for Launa & Nate who are going to be gracing me with their presence this weekend for a marathon shoot. (Should either of you read this, PACK A LUNCH :) )

Your Fatherly Advice

Enjoy Bear Grylls in “Man vs. Wild” with your kids, the show rocks and will have your kiddos amazed and howling after they see him eat a scorpion.

99% of the dating advice MSN preaches is B.S. and no more insightful than what you read on the bathroom walls in Jr. High.

Spend your “Stimulus Check” on something worthwhile

Be like me and learn not to take life so serious all the time

Go downtown and listen to the local musicians in the coffee shops, they will blow you away.

Java Mocha for All My Friends,


“Even emptiness can be photographed when all it needs is inspiration to create”