Thursday, August 28, 2008

MySpace is Your Space


Is it just me or was summer short and super mild? Seems like the heat didn’t last long so I ask you this, is Global Warming really happening? Ok that was a bit of Al Gore sarcasm but seriously, it just seems as though summer was here today and gone today. Oh well, guess we all get to save on those A/C bills. Not much going on lately as I have been concentrating on learning the mandolin because frankly, I am running low on photography ideas of late. Like anything in life, you do it enough sometimes you have to step away from it to recharge your batteries and mine seem to always charge back up just fine. Ok so I have been doing some interesting reading regarding the posting of wedding images on MySpace, Facebook, etc. Some photographers have gone irate over this while others could care less. Just to clarify with the folks I have worked with and or may work with in the future, if you buy the rights to my images (most of you do) I encourage you to post them to your MySpace or whatever account. Honestly, it makes me happy that you like enough to share them like that. Some would say I am giving my stuff away and my response to them is “worry about your own prints”. I have neither the time or desire to force brides to display their images in a place that I and only I see fit. The only caveat to that is they don’t sell the images to bridal stores, florists, etc. That would be a copyright violation and giving businesses freebies for which they should have paid Muah. Most of my brides have a MySpace account and I have enjoyed reading the comments by people who have seen the pics. It actually helps me figure out what works and what doesn’t without ever having to ask. Sorry for the blab, had to clear all that up for ya…..

Nothing else new to report except that I am crossing my fingers that the hurricane that is looming down south doesn’t screw up my trip back home to New Orleans in September. Knock on wood and drink a cold one for me will ya? I hear it’s good luck.

Football Season for All My Friends,

P.S. The picture up top is a homeless guy. We will call him "Jim"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scott & Lindsey


I am sitting here on the fishing pier working on some wedding pics and watching these little punk ass fish jump from the water to catch the bugs who have mistaken me for a blood donor. What is it with these little buggers that makes them think that they are every bit the baddass their larger siblings are? Hmmm..Just a thought. Wish I had my camera and I would show ya....
Just wanted to post a couple of pictures from Scott and Lindsey's wedding at The College of Idaho. What a freaking awesome couple and loads of fun to work with. I was pleasantly surprised today when I opened up my mailbox only to see a letter thanking me from Lindsey's mom. My response is to say THANK YOU Mrs. Shake I had a great time and you have a wonderful daughter. Always makes me smile when people do the little things, maybe I should take note.

One more month and I will be somewhere in the southern parts of Louisiana eating crawfish and getting some pictures in the swamps. Can't wait to go home, can't wait to go home. Long live the gators and the dixieland jazz....You just know for sure I will be posting some pics from that little escape from Boise.

Lastly, thank you Shay Dog for making me feel like a celebrity of late I look forward to talking to ya soon about your big date. Here is to the countdown of only 90 more days or so until we start a new regime in Washington and whether it be Jonny Mac or Obama yo Mama, lets just hope things are way different than they have been over the last 8 years. Don't know about you but I have just about had enough!

Later My Friends,


Friday, August 8, 2008

My List To Brides


Well things have slowed a bit in terms of weddings but not in terms of other projects. Be that as it may I will not bore you too much on my solo stuff. What I will fill your brain with is a little checklist of need to know information for you brides out there. This is the time when I start getting calls for 2009 and if you are in the market for a wedding photographer keep these points in mind.

1. Make sure you meet your photographer and I mean physically

2. Do not do anything without a contract period!

3. Make sure you can laugh with your photographer cause if you can’t, it is likely that you will have an awkward moment or two on your wedding day. Want details? Email me…

4. ALWAYS ask your prospective wedding photographer if they carry back up equipment and I mean camera’s, flashes, lenses, etc. Too many are out there shooting with only one camera and if they drop it at your wedding and have no back up guess what? NO MORE PICTURES ON YOUR DAY!

5. Make sure your photographer knows EXACTLY where the event is. The last thing you want is to have your photographer at one place while you’re at another waiting for them to show up.

6. Ask them how many weddings they have shot (this is always a great question). Anything over 20 and usually you are at least dealing with a respectable shooter. If they are in fact new to weddings, ask them if they have shot alongside a more seasoned pro and then ask for a reference from that pro I mean we all have to start somewhere.

7. Though it is hard for you do this cause you don’t know cameras, keep in mind that if you are getting married at a place with low lighting and you hire a photographer with less than stellar cameras and lenses, expect some grainy photos though this happens sometimes even with the high end equipment just not as often.

8. Don’t get too tied up in the “style” terminology such as “photojournalistic” and what not. If you like the way the photographers portfolio speaks to you than most likely that is the “style” you should aim for.

9.DO NOT LET PRICE be the driving factor unless you are not that into pictures. i.e. There is a HUGE difference between a $1500 photographer and a $500 one.
10.Craigslist while cool, is most likely to NOT provide you with the best option for photography that is unless you are not wanting to put a whole lotta stock in your pictures.
11. Don’t micro-manage your photographer, let them be themselves you will find that they are most creative when they feel empowered and trusted.
12. Letting a family do your pictures is perfectly fine, just don’t expect much in the end and if they screw up the pictures, blame yourself for not grabbing an experienced professional.
13.Lastly, make sure your photographer knows of divorces, issues, problems, etc within the family. It makes the formals much less stressful that is for sure.

I could probably go on and on but I won’t. Just wanted to put the info out there from someone who does this for a living. While wedding sites will tell you to do this and that you are better off getting advice from those who actually do it, not those who only speak it. Oh and one last thing, AVOID at all cost the clearinghouse photography companies such as %*lla (omitted for legal reasons). Why? You never even meet your photographer until the day of your event and they pay the photographer so cruddy that they are less than motivated to give you their best.

The Constitution for All My Friends,


P.S. Wedding shots of Scot and Lindsey coming soon let me tell ya that was one hella cool wedding and may they all be like theirs!