Monday, August 29, 2011

30 Plus Days of Motion


As much as I Facebook, it seems blogging is but only a secondary way for me to alert the world to the  motions that move both with an against me.  I wonder if the person who came up with the term “Information Age” factored how that term would alter our abilities to stay focused on one thing? Haven't heard from someone in 45 days? No problem, read their blog while you pay your bills!  In the beginning, I honestly thought social media, smart phones, etc. would enable relationships to grow while helping us stay in touch with long lost friends. Truth is, it has done just that but it has complicated things even more. Seems as though we have a millions of signals streaming down upon us and it can make life tough to slow down as I have found.  How ironic that convenience can sometimes become a task in itself…..It stands to reason that my lust for blogging has lost some of it’s luster for reasons associated with other social media obligations that I now carry in my front pocket. So with that said, I give to you my monthly update.
July 29th saw me out in Homedale shooting Matt & Donnae’s wedding on a property that enjoys a view of the Snake River. With Matt fresh out of one of those walking boots, (Torn Achilles) timing could not have been better. This wedding also marked the first time my son (Devon Justis) attended and assisted me at a gig. Never have I been so proud of his work ethic and flexibility but even more telling was his recognition of the energy one uses to complete the job on any given weekend during the summer. With enough heat to melt the Devil, we plugged away at 8 hours of work only to find ourselves soaking in a hot tub for an extended period once we got home. Matt & Donnae are now enshrined into the “Justis League” and for that I thank them.

With no rest for the weary (literally) I did a rare turn-around the following day shooting Dan & Carman’s wedding at good ole’ C.W. Moore Plaza. Unlike any couple before them, these two flew in from their home in Hong Kong so that Dan’s family could seem them marry. What could not have been better was that this gig was went at a pace that gave new meaning to the term easy come, easy go. It  just goes to show that the reach of a photographer’s work can and will make impressions across the ponds of the earth.  Does it get any better?

With 2 down and 2 more to go, I was off to Garden Valley to meet up with Scott & Kirsten. With my son making a second appearance, we were handed the keys to a golf cart that my son made clear he would be driving. The event was short and sweet but the fun lasted for hours. “Ice Blocking, Golf Cart Racing, and Guitar Bashing were a few of the oddball things we found ourselves consumed with while making pictures for the masses. If you stick with wedding photography long enough, you will discover that sometimes you get a ticket to ride as well. Having fun on "The Day" is what it is all about!

Last but not least, I landed right in the heart of downtown Boise shooting a gig at the “Aldeman” for Vachel & Andrea. I must say that for a newer wedding venue, the place is sure to give the competition a run for their money! It is a photographers dream complete with rustic d├ęcor sure to make any creative professional smile. Even better, my two confederates we nothing short of a blast to work with while a perfect fit for the urban influenced pictures I had planned. I always have to remind myself to avoid being too greedy when it comes to shooting downtown. I mean seriously, downtown Boise is one of the best places on earth during the summer and a pure joy to shoot wedding clients. I could give you the long and short of my love for downtown but I think the pictures demonstrate what I am getting at. Damn, there are days I wish I had a million miles of wall space to hang some of the images I nail down each summer. Sorta like a “Bridal Hall of Fame”.  For what it’s worth, I keep a gallery of my favorites deep within my soul. Having that ensures I remain connected to the blending of  light, angles, and available resources into what ultimately becomes something timeless. Now that I have verified that “writer’s block” isn’t an issue, let me give you ten things I think.

10 Things I Think
  • The hardest part of being a photographer is cultivating a new creative edge for each and every gig. 
  • I am noticing fewer and fewer people jumping into the photographer profession. Not but 2 years ago, I couldn’t walk through downtown without seeing 50 “People with a Camera”. 
  • Best line I have heard in sometime is “When I look into your eyes, I see the back of your head”.  
  • The vendors at the state fair look similar to the faces you see on the Ada County jail roster. 
  • Small businesses are by far, the most important asset to the U.S. economy. Anyone who tells you otherwise, needs to have their head examined.  The next time you drive somewhere, pay close attention to the number of establishments you see. My guess is that 97% of them will be establishments with only one maybe two locations thus, small. Appreciate them but more importantly, BUY FROM THEM! 
  • Speaking of the U.S., more than a “rebound”, this country needs leadership with no strings attached.  Would be great if a person who didn’t come from millions could rise up and relate to the working class. 
  • The Oregon Coast is a must see for all!
  • The color pink is really the color red without a tan. 
  • “Unbroken” is the read of a lifetime
  • Randomly do something nice for a complete stranger when the opportunity arises. People more than ever, need a reminder of how giving their fellow Life Bots can be. 

Iced Tea For All My Friends,