Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dropping In and Flying the Coop


Back from the 6 feet of hiding I have been indulged in, I have come to hit you wide open with a blog worthy of more than one thought. Throwing my own hat into the fray for 2010, it really shaping up to be a year filled with excitement! Many new brides and grooms and the way things are going, it appears a personal record for Justis Photo is just over the horizon. Been meeting all sorts of new people via Facebook and given the fact many of them are fellow photographers it enables me to see some seriously amazing work from all over the country. I often read posts on photography forums by seasoned pros who are flat out angry with the new generation of photographers. I can never tell if they have a legitimate beef or if they are just pissed off at the newer shooters infusion of skills into this fishbowl we call “The Industry”. Nevertheless I have almost become a voice for these first and second year shooters simply because too many photographers are self-righteous and flat out snotty. I have known a few that have even left brides in tears on their wedding day! Man I hope acting that way is not the benchmark of success.
I relive the glory of my hometown team the New Orleans Saints winning the big game every time I watch fellow photog Julia Bailey’s French Quarter party video. Amazing work it is and it just goes to show that when citizens, armed with a camera are very capable of bringing you the story the same as your local news reporter. Of course with citizen reporters you seldom get the bias or the smokescreen our “professional” media outlets cram down our throats. Speaking of New Orleans, I foresee a trip that way in the not too distant future but first, I must conquer San Antonio with my fellow conquistadors in June.
I had more to post but after reading it decided it was better left unsaid. Let’s just say that our church lady in Meridian who currently resides in Haiti was in my sights. I will add that if you are the reading type, you will find that Motley Crue’s book entitled “The Dirt” is a well written, well spoken, and a flat out open door to the world of over indulged rockers. More to come soon comrades so stay tuned…….


Friday, February 5, 2010

New Website


Though it has been a long time coming Justis Photography has a new look and feel. The website is much more condensed and to the point so I hope you find it as refreshing as I do. My excitement is hard to contain over the advancements made and I want to send a special thank you to Jenna and Katie at the “WhiteSpace” in Boise for their hard work in making it happen. Oops I almost forgot Wyatt who developed and refined much of the sites layout. Excellent work guys and I thank you for the new home for Justis Photo.