Thursday, March 20, 2008

Coffee House Blogger

So I am sitting here in this local coffee house in downtown Boise listening to some Pearl Jam on the IPOD and typing to my peeps. Most of you always respond to my blog posts via email which is fine but inflate my ego a little, leave me a note on the blog itself. If you do not have a blog account I understand this totally. On to other things…..There is a great photographer out there by the name of Russ McDonald who if you care, can tell you anything you want to know about Nikon flash systems. The guy explains things in ways the manuals only dream of. Thank God he has been discovered. Here is his link if you are a Nikon shooter and want the in’s and outs of the CLS system.

Been doing a whole bunch of soul searching in the last few months about the future and for some reason the southern part of the U.S. where I came from is calling me back. Why? For one I am a warm weather kind of guy and I have absolutely no family in Idaho. Second, living in Boise is great but as far as I am concerned, you are limited on the different types of places you can shoot weddings and what not. Seriously, there is a downtown, mountains, Castle Gardens, and uhhh mountains. For me it has gotten a tad bland but maybe I am taking things for granted that I shouldn’t. Be that as it may, I am not even sure if I will actually do it but New Orleans seems logical. Maybe sometime in the next 2 years I will actually pack it up and head back to my forgotten city. In case you didn’t know, they need a serious resurgence of people to move back and help heal old wounds. Besides, the diversity of the scenery is endless for a photographer. Now don’t go getting me wrong here, Boise is great but it was never my last stop or so I have said.

If you haven’t seen “Into the Wild”, go rent it now! I promise you it will make you think about the way all of us look at life.

“I have been wounded I have been healed”
Eddie Vedder

My personal photo project about people in the raw is beginning to take shape and I even included myself in the project as you can see in the example. More to follow on that one.

Take It Easy,


Monday, March 10, 2008

I am George W., & I approve this blah blah blah

Oddly enough we are being told we are in some sort economic funk A.K.A., a recession. Hmmmm, wonder if that transcends into wedding bookings? Well according to some of my colleagues in other parts of the country (Most Notably the South), weddings are flying off the handle and they are in fact turning brides away! Right here in Boise, things aren’t so rosy for many who are used to booking several weddings a year. I have at least 3 fellow photographers that have told me that their bookings are way down this year. What’s even stranger, though I have booked summer through the hilt this will be the first spring that I have not shot a wedding in quite some time. It sucks and yet it is nice because I have had the chance to go out and do some seriously wicked stuff on my own, most notably my little book project that I hope to have finished by next year. Nahh, I would rather do weddings...Whatever the reason I just hope it isn't due to the flood of Myspacer's who now think they are Ansel Adams and are swallowing up the Boise market. I say good for them but for the brides of this area, don't expect too much.

If you are one of my brides to be for this summer and you read this know that I am going to be chomping at the bit and super anxious once we get underway so bear with me. Why? Cause I am dying for some new bridal material and I would love nothing more than to do something really out there such as post a bride atop of this old Army vehicle I found behind Gowen Field (see top pic). Who is up for it?

Lastly, go rent “Into the Wild” and write me back telling me what you think. That movie will move you in ways a flick has never done before! Talk about self discovery and appreciating what really matters in this world. Oh and the soundtrack sung by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam ain’t too bad either.

Me Perched Atop the Boise Foothills Bored & Waiting for a Sunset that Never Came :(

Cha Cha Cha,


P.S. Windows Vista SUCKS! Avoid it all cost! I can’t wait to get on board with Mac.