Friday, April 29, 2011

Running Behind


Sitting here watching "Pawn Stars" and writing you a love letter. Gearing up for another wedding season and trying like hell to get as much mountain biking and longboarding in before I am consumed in "I Do's". What have you been up to? Funny how I ask you a question that you couldn't possibly answer. My mistake, that was random and utterly ridiculous. I have but one more escape from reality before the season begins. Hiking all the way through Zions National Park in mid-May so expect some pictures and with any luck, I will be giving Thomas Kinkade a run for his money. In the meantime, enjoy shots from Matt & Donnae closing out with Jed & Chelcy.

Shot out in lovely Middleton, Idaho for which I discovered that opportunities are plenty and wide open spaces rule the day! FYI, it is a fact that Middleton isn't some farming community forgotten by the hands of time instead, it contains many young, hip, and attractive people! The stereotype has now been put down!

Jed & Chelcy opted for a little run at the famous "Old Penitentiary" in Boise. It marked the first time I have ever shot inside the old prison and for you nostalgic types, the place is a gem! I must make it clear that I avoided the "Death Chamber" for that would be a bad omen. For as much value as I place in enjoying the company I work for, I can't say enough at how fast I clicked with both Jed & Chelcy. For that matter, Matt & Donnae we awesome as well! Perhaps I should just shoot weddings for those in Middleton from this point forward? LOL
The countdown is before the hectic world of wedding photography consumes me! The hot tub is ready and waiting for this old body after each and every gig and something tells me I am going to need it this year.

Ten Things I Think

1. The GoPro camera is one of the coolest toys on the open market right now.

2. My 12 year old son is without a doubt, one of the funnest people I have the pleasure of being around.

3. I think the NFL owners and players are clueless Buffoons and need to get their heads out of their asses!

4. I think both Republicans and Democrats officially suck!

5. It blows me away when I am lucky enough to have clients who take photography as serious as I do!

6. The fact remains that while Facebook is super cool, it has given those without a brain a place to annoy the masses!

7. Call me naive but I still believe in the best in people! (This excludes those identified in #6)

8. My money says the flower blooms are going to be amazing this year.

9. I think Jamie Saul has the type of charisma that people should be taking notice of.

10. The blog "You are Not a Photographer" is at times, funny. However, I wonder if the authors of said blog are willing to post some of their earlier work? The point is, even those who are naturally gifted at one time or another, sucked! Yes I will say there are those who have no business getting paid for taking pictures and I will admit it can be a hoot to hack on them but to do so is to really hack on ourselves. Life is short my friends, it is ok to suck sometimes!

Longboarding Past Your House,