Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nick and a girl I love to call Brandi Nacho

I am sitting here on break during a PhotoShop class I decided to indulge myself with. Funny how those who know PhotoShop well, teach it too damn fast to pick up on anything new. It is as if the program came installed with a shot of Red Bull or something. Just finished posting a wedding from June 20th that was nothing short of amazing and a total blast! I would have to say I have been lucky in the fun department this year. Nick and Brandi got married somewhere behind Lake Lowell at Nick's parents house and lordy, I loved every square inch of the place. I was thrown just about every cool location in the book and because of it our pictures rocked! You often hear photographers say that they are able to "capture" the story or whatever but on this day there was little need to capture anything for it simply surrendered iteself to us! In other words, because the ENTIRE crew was game for just about anything nothing came as too difficult.....As a matter of fact, I would say it almost felt as though we were simply having fun with a camera and that is when one knows that they have it made! Mucho thanks to the both Brandi & Nicks parents who were both funny and welcoming to my presence. Last but not least, many thank you's to Brandi (Nacho) & her new hubby Nick........This year's wedding couples have been nothing short of kick ass and these two are yet another example of why my fire is burning high these days.

Old Barnes For All My Friends,