Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vagabond Longboarder


Lately I have been a collection of business and pleasure so much so that I am starting to get confused between the two. With destination weddings coming in for 2010 it has afforded me the follow things: Cruddy hotel rooms that looked great online, super cool locations, and a baseball game or two. That is what can be so cool about shooting weddings is that you just never know where you may end up. Made the trip out to Seattle at the end of July for Sean “Seam” (his nickname) & Kiersten’s big day. You may know Kiersten as the lovely and vibrant news reporter for Channel 2 here in Boise. Well, she used to be anyway given she now resides in Laramie, WY. where Mr. Seam took on an executive position in the sports world. If you are ever in Seattle check out Gasworks Park the place is something to see. There is a totally unobstructed view of the city with more hills to climb than one could imagine. It marked the first wedding I ever shot on a boat which was tight but very cool in the same sense.

I have gotten away from doing those pictures that are for me and by me. I vowed to ensure at certain points this year I would make that happen! To do so, I coordinated a couple of volunteers to basically give me but a slice of their time while letting my photographic desires dictate the end result. The first of perhaps three this year finally happened and though I have never carried my gear very deep into water, I figured it was time to take a chance. The end result, perhaps my favorite portrait I have done to date! Hopefully the folks at Nikon see it that way as well because ultimately, that is where I hope it ends up! Thanks Chelsie for doing what you do for your bud Lance.

Last but not least, I saw some of the craziest lightning ever last night and probably could have gotten some pics to die for but chickened out. For some reason, lighting sends me into a frantic tailspin so hanging out in the open with a camera and a tripod just isn’t my idea of fun. As a result, I was able to snap off one shot and run for the house! Know when you look at the picture of bolts driving down from the sky, a scared kid was on the other end!

Rubber Suits For All My Friends,