Friday, September 24, 2010

Long Winded


Every so often, I find myself with a little more time to spend doing engagement pictures particularly, once the rush of weddings has subsided. A couple of weekends ago I met up with Brain & Jen to help them complete the front end of their wedding pics. Since they are getting hitched at an all inclusive place down in Arizona, my three dollar tail won’t be making the trip with em. However, I was still shown a slither of opportunity to work with them when it came to getting those engagements done. After being told we were not allowed to stand on the larger fixtures perched on the steps of the Capitol Building (Rent-A-Cop), we slipped into some alleys, parking garages, and finally Julia Davis Park. With our hunger for dinner kicking us square in the teeth, we packed it up, went our separate ways and headed for kitchens all over the town. Thanks guys and wish I was coming with ya….If you read this, tell your photographer I will be watching him (kidding of course).

Nate Fowler is a subject that has begun to show up in more than just a few portfolios’ of mine. To know this man is to know a guy focused on climbing a mountain with every ounce of energy he can muster all the while singing his latest mix of music. I had the pleasure to shoot his wedding, one of his EP covers, and now I am assuming his newest release. There have only been maybe a small handful of people over the years that I have shot more than twice whereas this was my third and hopefully not last shelling by way of the shutter with Nathan. When you have shot the same person a number of times, I notice that it takes little time to find your rhythm. If you're wondering why it is because we know what each expects from the other the minute we arrive on location. Even better is while Nathan is jabbing away at his producer, I am noticing that I am hitting homers one after the other with each picture snapped. Perhaps it is my bias and desire to shoot bands for a living that has me charged or could just be that Nathan defines everything that photographers desire when it comes to automatic chemistry. Life is a fun ride and our passions generate buzz, hope, vision, and for me thankfulness to be able to do what I do.

My Best Impression of Socrates

My Bud Sam Marvin

My good buddy Sam from LMP Sports trekked up the trails that lead to the base of Mount Cramer just outside of Stanley, Idaho. If you live around here and want to see what the reds, ambers, and greens look like for real, this time of year it is the place for you! Though our legs were about dead after 5 hours of hiking, the pictures we were lucky enough to get will last lifetimes! When it’s worth it, it’s worth it!

Best Movies Seen So Far This Year:
1. Crazy Heart
2. Shutter Island
3. Book of Eli
Now if I can just find time to see Wall Street 2 life will be grand!

Movie Tickets For All My Friends,


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Bird has Landed


Don’t you just hate it when people you rely on give you a bunch of excuses for not doing something? Well, I am going to allow myself to fall on the sword for levying a ton of excuses for being tardy on this blog. To save us both the grief, I am just going to list them accordingly and you can decide my fate.

1. Massive Home Repairs
2. Photo Shoots
3. Editing (LOTS OF THIS)
4. Slipping off to New Orleans for work related reasons (I admit, some of it was leisure)
5. Long Boarding
6. And many other things not blog related

When you live 50% of your life in front of a screen it is difficult to justify those extra few minutes writing away while hoping to God somebody reads the goods thus making you feel bigger than you really are. Even more, I have now joined the zillions who make up the attention deficit generation of Facebookers. That thing can keep you on for hours and this doesn't include the usage you dive into when you own an IPhone. Nonetheless, sometimes it is nice to have your own space designed the way you want it without the character restrictions thus, the blog is the island I should visit more often.

Did my photo thing for Nathan & Morgan’s wedding which started at the Depot, stopped off at Capital City Church just to say "I do", and then finished things up at The Stonehouse. Hot and muggy day no doubt but was a surefire process of shoot & move. Sometimes wedding schedules just go that way so it pays to be Johnny on the Spot. The “Wedding Gods” were gracious enough to ensure two of my former clients who were in attendance which brings me to my next point. It is truly awesome when surrounded by guests for whom you do not know, a familiar and kind pair of faces greet you while you work. Thanks Ty & Chel for the visit and the help loading my gear at the end of the night. Drinks on me.......

Jon & Melissa made the trek from the confines of Arizona and celebrated their day with perhaps the largest wedding party I have had to tackle to date. Earlier in the year I shot a wedding in Seattle with what I thought were the craziest groomsmen ever only to have that standard toppled by John’s crew. Always a good thing when people can simply cut loose and enjoy a fleeting moment and even better when there are pictures to freeze those moments in time. This wedding also marked the first time I gained access to the bell tower at the Boise Train Depot. If you are a shooter and haven’t shot up there, it is quite the treat if your creative gumption is in high gear. Many thanks to my crew from the “Cactus” state and may the comic relief shared with me that day, be shared with many more in the years that follow.

For those of you who have emailed me and asked for a particular image you have seen say, on Facebook, I am about to make your lives much easier. Here soon I will have a gallery built just for you so that you can get that image, pay for it, and have it shipped right to your door. In times past this was not as much of an issue for me but due to the increase in requests, I am going to make the whole process easy. Even better, the cost doesn’t change but you will still have to email me if you want a canvass or other “specialty" items. Stay tuned, I plan to get this thing up in October. Lastly, I have incorporated canvass prints into 2011 wedding packages along with some other options that may change just a touch more before the end of the year so bear with me, the goal is to maximize the offering to the soul on the other side of my lens :)

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