Monday, September 29, 2008

Bayou Times

Well after a long year, I was able to scoot on down to the Gulf Coast for a little bit of site seeing and property hunting. I must say that hearing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico crashing on shores reminded me of my childhood when I would grab blue shell crab in the breaks. The hurricanes of late have done some serious damage to this region to include New Orleans and as we go deeper in time, the hurricanes get bigger and nastier. What is causing all this? Some say global warming while others say it is nothing more than nature following its cyclonic cycle of destruction. I personally think that it is a little bit of both but I will stop here before I start sounding like Al Gore. In a period of 2 days I saw dolphins, sharks, eels, and giant stingrays. Where were all these creatures when I was a kid? Apparently the hurricanes are forcing more and more of these animals to live closer to mainland or at least that is what the guide on the boat said. Before I departed back for Boise I hauled butt up to New Iberia and visited “Jungle Gardens”. If you are ever in that town you MUST see this place for it will forever change the way you view trees and of course, ALLIGATORS! I swear those things are like rats now, I mean they are everywhere and living amongst the population like birds! Now I know where I am taking my son on our next vacation because not only does one get to see long lost sisters and brothers, they also get a taste of what the real south is all about. Lastly, if your family ever has alligator for dinner and you don’t invite me over, I am gonna have your head on a platter!

Spanish Moss for All My Friends,


Going on vacation?
Please my friends, consider New Orleans…It is much cleaner these days and they really need the revenue like you wouldn’t believe. The next time you buy clothes or eat a banana remember this, about 65% of this countries goods and services come through New Orleans ports. Without that city, we would be paying through the nose for things we commonly take for granted.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sitting & Waiting

It is 6:00 am and I am sitting here in the Boise, Idaho airport terminal sitting and waiting to board a plane bound for Dallas. Let me tell ya there is nothing finer than shooting your nephews wedding knowing damn good and well you won’t have to break your neck to get the job done. Just shoot baby. I imagine the temperature will be much different in Texas, so much so that I will be begging for those cool mornings in Idaho I have grown so used to.

On a sad note, it seems as though my favorite fraudulent photographer has struck once again. I can no longer withhold this individuals name and if she sees this, sue me I say! I spoke with yet another bride who hired Krown Photography and pretty much got ripped off. According to the bride, Krown showed for the wedding, got the pictures, and then never provided anything afterwards. Upon hearing this poor girl’s story I almost told her that she was one of the lucky ones meaning, other brides I have spoken with said that she received the full fare and never even showed for the wedding. Why must we rip one another off? What is it about money that brings out the worst in all of us? Regardless, my crusade to spread the word of this fraud will no doubt continue and if this fraud reads this blog by all means I dare you to contact me. The bride I spoke with is not going to go away by any stretch and though I do not want to reveal her plans, it sounds to me that there will be no rest until this fraud is held accountable.

Well friends, see ya on the flip side and I am sure to have some new material upon my return from the South. Before I go I want to send a shout out to my awesome son Devon whose football team continues to dominate their opponents! Dev, your gonna be a New Orleans Saint yet my man..I love you with every ounce of my soul little man.

Five things regarding my surroundings that may only interest/annoy me

Airport music absolutely sucks! Richard Marx? Please…..
Medium OJ and McMuffin $5.75…
Boise has free Wi/Fi….What a refreshing approach; most airports charge you a king’s ransom just to check your email.
TSA screeners now have blue shirts. I guess those white shirts and bowties looked too wimpy to have any effect on terrorism. So now they look like a bunch of truck drivers for a grocery chain. Throw a head of lettuce at Osama for me will ya?
The smell of jet fuel is as soothing as it is appealing. Don’t laugh, it smells better than regular gasoline.

Wasting In Boredom,


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Watching a Setting Sun & Hurricanes

Hey Hey,

Just a quick note to let the world know how relieved I am that Hurricane Gustav paled in comparison to Katrina. The family is just fine and the Saints will still be playing in the Dome on Sunday! Just loved how the mayor of New Orleans (Ray nagin) stated that "if you are caught looting, you are going straight to Angola". For those of you that don't know Angola is the "Bighouse" in Lousiana and quite a terrible place to end up. Anyway, enjoy the shot from the Boise Foothills, we have it made here let me tell ya.