Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Demirelli On Fire


Let me introduce you to Emmett Demirelli. An aspiring soccer player he is notorious for being as ferocious as a badger on the pitch (Soccer Field). We had the chance to do some quick shots for his senior portfolio before he departs for Oregon State and we made it all happen because of three simple things. 1. We were quick and to the point 2. Although we did a few traditional shots, we avoided trying to make Emmett into something he isn’t 3. We were both willing and spared ourselves the senseless chatter I am often guilty of. I will honestly say that for a quick 30 minute session these are some of the coolest and most fitting shots I have pulled off to date. No need to make you think we were all touchy feely, like typical guys it was all about getting down to business and so we could head home just in time for dinner. Oh and in case your wondering where the light is coming just use your imagination cause that is what true photography is all about.

Hats off to photographers who don't mooch equipment,


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dan & Bea

Comrades of Spring,

Well last Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding for Dan & Bea and from the friendliness of the weather to the flow of the day I could not have been happier with how it turned out. I am still shaking off the cobwebs from just getting into this years wedding season but all in all, I was feeling up to snuff. For once in my life I was actually up early enough to have the days first shoot all set up and ready over on 9th Street and the guys did a fabulous job playing the role. Using multiple speed lights and some wireless trippers, I was able to give them the look of a born-again rock star waiting to take the world by storm. Of course, all the planning in the world doesn’t eliminate Mr. Murphy! Just as we started one of the cables that fed the lights failed thus delayed my flow. But, despite the setback we made it work sans crappy cable! There is nothing I hate more than having to make my subjects wait on me to replace or repair faulty equipment but with electronics, comes malfunctions!

Bea looked fabulous and was a great little traffic cop while I bustled people in and out for some bridal pictures. I just love it when brides help me get the herd together because after all, I really don’t know any of the people invited thus they often are reluctant to play ball when it comes picture time. I have mounds of pictures to work through but hope to have their wedding portfolio posted in the next couple weeks. Mucho thanks to both Dan and Bea’s families for the fun and the nice dinner at the end of the night.

Wedding Food for all My Friends,


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Angela & Loren


Had a great time with Loren and Angela last week shooting at none other than Katherine Alberton Park. Though I prefer this location in the Fall much more, it no less gave us an excellent backdrop to break in the photo taking of this soon to be married couple. You always know you have a great set of clients when they can shout out more Bear Grylls lines than you! Congrats to the both of them and I am primed and ready to shoot their wedding in June.