Monday, December 21, 2009

Picking Fights with Santa


TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!! I come before you tonight to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy/Safe New Year. Drink some for me as I will most likely drink some for you. I cannot even begin to say just how much fun I had with each and every one of you this year and I felt as though I absolutely made some things happen that I had not tried before. I could sit here and list all of the cool things that we did but it would take a writing longer than the bible! My gratitude extends to you, the person on the other side of the lens and your families for the support and flexibility. Before I fade off into what is left of 2009 I figured it would be appropriate to give you some holiday tips. Read with a grain of salt, a grain of Tony C’s, or a grain of sand the choice is yours. Just remember, I love what I do and love the music we have all collectively made together in 2009. May 2010 see another eclipse of ideas and visions with new faces and new found friends.

Your 2009 Holiday Tips

1. Cats like trees and XMAS trees are no exception. When all else fails, pull out the BB gun.
2. Open each present like it is the first one you ever received even if underwear two sizes two big lies beneath the wrapping.
3. Tell a cop Merry XMAS if you see em working on the 25th. This doesn’t work if you are being pulled over for I have tried and failed.
4. Enjoy a movie
5. Burnt cookies make great hockey pucks.
6. Avoid planes for this is the time of year when they fly in circles making you think you are getting closer to your destination only to realize you have barely left Boise’s airspace.
7. If you do fly, ask the TSA where they got the trucker shirts.
8. Fill a stocking up with mustard and let one of the kids dig off in it. The look you’ll get is priceless!
9. Pray for my Saints
10. Lastly, remember that even if 2009 was tough for you know that no matter how cold the winter, there is always a spring time ahead. I relate and know some of the same challenges many of you have faced of late. Find a passion I say and you will notice that life begins to leave you alone more often. Regardless, if you can’t smile I will gladly do it for you and once the sun shines back at me I will ensure that warmth finds its way to you. Caring is not a sign of weakness, it is what makes us fight through the bad while taking measure in the good.

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