Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunsets & Cliff Jumpers

Well it has been one dandy summer and with weddings it means that I have come home on more than one occasion dripping wet! Lucky for me the bulk of the workload is behind me and I am glad that I decided to limit my availability while my son stayed with me. Last weekend marked the only wedding I shot for the month of July and Tyson and Chelsea did things a bit different which in the end, made my life much easier. We shot the couples pictures on Thursday and then followed that up with the ceremony on Sat. and before the sun went down I was at home sipping a cold one. If you are in the market to get married and haven’t selected a venue yet, check into the “Secret Place” in Nampa it is pretty neat to say the least though it can be tough to locate but at least I did not show up at the wrong place lolol. Anyway, just wanted to shoot a quick hello out to my peeps and give ya a couple of samples to include a picture of my son jumping off a 30ft cliff into Anderson Lake.

Drinks for all My Friends,


Monday, July 7, 2008

Allen and Jenny

Here are a few from Allen and Jenny at Bandury Country club.....What an awesome couple and despite the heat, we all survived with a gorgeous portfolio. Thanks to Greg for coming out and getting some extra shots and for doing anything asked of you while I was shooting and battling that pesky viral infection! I hope you have learned much this summer my friend & I encourage you to keep using that thing we call a camera.

Drinks and Cool Weather for all My Friends,


Nate, Launa, & the 4th of July!

Wow, are we already slamming through the month of July? Where did all of the time go? Sorry it has been awhile but with my son staying with me over the summer and other obligations I have been lax in my blogs comrades. Finished up this load of weddings I have had of late and now it is time for some rest. Nate and Launa put on a HELL of a show last weekend and it was a nice way to finish up and put down the wedding camera for awhile. My only complaint? Well, when a couple pays a church to use their facilities only to be run out shortly after the ceremony was something that really peeved me off to say the least. Having said that, I did not get to capture the ideas I had for this couple at the alter but like every wedding, shoulda, coulda, woulda right? Nonetheless, I LOVE the portfolio and hope to have it posted to the galleries in about a week. Special thanks to the Ketterling & Fowler family especially Launa’s mother who was one of the nicest MOB’s (Mother of the Bride) I have ever worked with. Lastly, Nate if you read this know that you have a fan in Lance Foster. Your voice is amazing and should you pursue it, music accolades await you my man! P.S., I think I am gonna really miss you guys..Ok you can start crying now :)

The 4th of July was a blazer of sorts and like you, I drank some brews and blasted a few fireworks over the lake I live on. Got a pretty good burn from a sparkler but really, you could care less right? Ok a I am laughing too hard at myself here so I am gonna go for now. Pics of the week have been halted because I am redesigning my website which promises to look super cool once I am done.

Fireworks for all My Friends,

P.S. Big Kisses to "Jamie D"