Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Words on the Fly


Seems like it has been forever since I posted a blog so it is now safe to say forever is no longer. It has been busy in my world and I am ready to wrap up a successful 2009 campaign. While I could sit and write about thankfulness to the brides I have worked with, I will choose instead to bask in the comfort of knowing that while 2009 turned out to be quite the project, it also turned out to be a year that defined my recognition of my own style. Many people who take pictures for a living can go on for years calling themselves “photojournalistic” or “traditional” in style but I bet if you really cornered them on the subject their answers would all sound the same and not very deep in content. So, since it has become some sort of industry standard to define your own style I spent 2009 giving that concept its due from time to time. What brought it to the forefront was an article I read in this month’s Professional Photographer magazine that brought me back to the very question I have yet to answer. No I am not looking for insight or pity to help me discover the “new me” or ask for you to rate every picture I post so that I can define my style based on biased opinions rather, I will do what the industry says I should do and place the magic label right on my own forehead using my own insight and collective thought (You can insert your own if you really want to). Have I dragged this out long enough? In case you really cared here is the long awaited punch line.
I am one who works and in doing so, one who loves his work. The true style that best serves not only myself but the clients of both past and present is nothing short of DRIVEN. That is right I said the word DRIVEN. My style is one that drives itself on the hunger for knowledge, attained perfection, the desire to please, and competency through time tested experience. You know why this means more in a word than “photojournalistic” or “Traditional”? Because it came from me and only me without the coating of a buzzword developed by God knows who. It also means that nothing is off limits and that no matter what; adaption to any situation both good and bad is all I have ever cared about when it comes to photography (Just ask people how bitchy I get when my lights won’t do what I want). So before you ask me what style I employ take note that being driven means having everything you want in a person who is perfecting anything they hope to succeed at in life. Once you quit learning and trying new things is the day you have met your professional end. Give it a day, the novelty of “Driven” is sure to make its way to the industry seminars and lackluster blogs of others too lazy to work in the very field they tell others they are passionate about.

From My Yard to Yours,