Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Airplanes & More Rain

So many galleries to build and so little time! That is what one gets when trying to shoot weddings while moving into a new home. Who cares just get it done right? Regardless, I drove up to lovely McCall, Idaho to shoot Darrin and Stacy’s wedding at the Northfork Lodge. Little did I know there was this old abandoned airplane sitting outside the entrance. Who would have thought? As I am pulling in I started thinking of how I could incorporate the plane into some pics and the groomsmen seemed to fit the bill. Given that Murphy’s Law always lingers I noticed drops of rain falling into adjacent puddles thus I knew for the second consecutive week, rain was on the menu! Luckily, the rain halted itself just long enough to get this event done and as for my airplane shots? Well, when the guys arrived they began to climb onto the damn thing which is something I NEVER had in mind but I went ahead and blasted a few and got em off. Honestly I am shocked they all climbed up there but it made for cool pics! Stacy was a gorgeous bride and both her and Darrin’s family made me feel like one of the crew. Big high fives and mucho thanks for the California Red Wine :)

Sunshine for all my friends,


Friday, June 19, 2009

Got Weddings On My Mind

When you just can't get the ideas to translate into actions you simply write them down no matter where you are. Maybe I am neurotic but I keep thinking of a barn that I will be using for this weekend's wedding.

Notes For All My Friends,


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Loren & Angela Tough it Out

I am sitting here in Rexburg, Idaho lying around enjoying the confines of a dumpy hotel while working on pics and contemplating just how in the world I plan to move into a new house and not lose my mind. To escape the thoughts of life’s transitions I bring to you a couple that endured what ALL wedding couples fear and that is, RAIN. After all the planning and coordinating brides and grooms alike commit themselves to they are sometimes forced to make serious changes when the sky opens up and this wedding was no exception. Did I say that it also makes it somewhat difficult for the photographer too? I have read on various forums hosted by other photographers on how when it rains a “real” photographer can tough it out. I am stumped by these statements simply because I know that I can’t give my Nikon’s a rare motivational speech that makes them water proof nor have I EVER come across a wedding portfolio that was shot in the rain all day without serious equipment problems. I realize trash bags can be fitted to protect your gear but that in itself limits one’s ability to maximize their talents. On the day of Loren and Angela’s wedding we planned on meeting at the Rose Garden due in large part because it has a gazebo that provides shelter in the event of a downfall. Lucky for us we started while we had a shred of sunlight but ominous clouds hung around like a bad relative does when they overextend their stay. Funny thing is, I think I was more worried about it than Loren and Angela and that was just the breath of optimism I needed to get er done, well almost done. We shot throughout the day and luckily the torrential showers waited to fall until evening. The downer is that we never got to do our shots when the sun was setting so being ever thankful for their flexibility, we decided to re-create that part at a later date. Ahhhh, flexibility is better than a brand new set of snow tires! If the two of you read this know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to the final chapter of our shoot. As for everyone else, if you want a photographer with equipment that can withstand rain for a good 3 hour period I suggest you call the Discovery Channel.

Umbrellas for All My Friends,

Loads of new wedding galleries are soon to be posted so stay tuned.....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Brian & Megan Engagement


Here are some pics of Brain and Megan as we tried a new location of sorts. I never realized just how cool some of the locations in Eagle are for pics. I should have shot their entire engagement portfolio at the grain silo that is clinging to life next to yet another new suburban development. I suppose if they tear it down I will have at least had the chance to blast a few pics of the place. Regardless, thank you Brain and Megan but I assure you your wedding day pics won’t let you off the hook as easy the engagements. *Wink*

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nathan Fowler Part 1


The rock star mantra lives on as I descended upon the presence of one Nathan Fowler last week. Needing a serious set of images for his upcoming EP and new website, we set forth to convey the identity of a self-driven artist who wants the world to know that his gift for human balance is infectious. Spend a few minutes with this guy and you will know exactly what I mean. We must have covered every demeanor in the book that day with Nathan setting the tone early and often. From the laughter over typical yet delirious man thoughts, to striking artistic focus levels that tipped the scales, I finished the shoot feeling like I had visited every positive island in my mind. What makes that such a dynamic asset is that it brings out the best in both the subject and the photographer and it almost seems as if neither of you have to try to achieve what you set out for. Consider this the precursor to what I plan to profile on Nathan Fowler once the EP and website are available for the world to see. More info and pics of Nate soon. Stay tuned……..

What I am thinking that you should be hearing.........

When I hear people say we are seeing signs of a strong economic recovery, I look no further than the car dealer commercials offering to take your car back if you lose your job. Since when in a stable economy did dealers EVER offer to do that?

If everybody and their dogs can receive a tax break these days, I only ask why didn’t this happen before? I mean if people had more to spend perhaps businesses wouldn’t be in such bad shape. Are you listening Butch? Just a thought….

If you are an upcoming client of mine be advised, you will be seen through my new Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens albeit just a few as not to commit to overkill.

So long Trevor and Shan I will miss you both and wish you safe travels to Kentucky. How we must accept the turning of the page when our friends move on…….

Buying a home is a pain in the %ss but at least it is almost over.

Ride and let the wind strike your face with grace Mr. Sims. If anybody could take a picture of that I am certain it would be you.

The Nikon 14-24 mm lens is the most overpriced and impractical lens ever made. If you bought it I am laughing at you because you could have saved about $700 and gotten a much more versatile lens in the 17-55mm variety.

Time for Bed,