Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall is in the air

Let me start by saying sorry, I have been really bad about posting lately. Well I am down to one more wedding this year (Salt Lake City in November) and that will just about wrap things up. Been doing some family portraits and preparing for the advertising rush in 2008. What I find to be the best part of having some free time is that I get to shoot some pictures for me, by me. Of course I have included a couple in the blog and as always, you can find many of them listed in the “Pics of the Week” section of my website. More to follow soon and be on the lookout for my collection of the 2007 best bridal pictures. I will compile and post sometime in either December or January. I want to recognize those brides that gave me some STUNNING photographs this year!

Drinks for all my friends,


P.S. Seattle was a blast especially watching my Saints whip those Seahawks.